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A few examples of how Vine can get you fired

you're fired post itA lot of people are so entrenched in their social media addictions that they can’t seem to stop Facebooking or tweeting everywhere they go … including the workplace. It’s become so hard for employees to monitor in-office social media activity that some companies tried requiring new hires to submit their Facebook and Twitter passwords – but they failed. However, yet another social media platform is beginning to cause trouble, this time in the form of video sharing app Vine.

Daniel A. Schwartz, an employment law attorney at Pullman & Comley LLC in Hartford, Connecticut, wrote a blog post detailing how the Twitter-owned video app is being used by employees to shoot six second clips while at work, which could easily cause repercussions that range from basic procrastination to serious office privacy issues.

It’s one thing to go on Twitter, sign up using an inconspicuous username and cartoon avatar, and unleash rants that demonstrate how much you despise work. It’s quite another to shoot footage of your actual workplace, mention them by name, and then identify yourself through your work badge. You clearly want to get fired, Casey. Casey, we’re looking at you:

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