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How to send email to SMS (text)

Despite the fact that just about everyone can read their email on their smartphone, there will always be times and situations in which it’s more advantageous to send a short email as a text. This is particularly useful if you’re emailing a non-smartphone user, or need to send a text when you’re away from your phone. If you want to send a short email to a friend and have it delivered as a text message, you can do so using an email to SMS gateway. As long as you know the phone number of the recipient in question — and the name of their service provider — it’s easy to locate an appropriate gateway address for forwarding your message. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Sending an email as an SMS

Step 1: Using the email client of your choice, compose your email as you would normally. You can use either your smartphone or your computer to do so.

Step 2: Instead of entering an email address in the recipient box, insert the 10-digit phone number of the person you’re trying to reach.

Step 3: Once entered, tack on the appropriate “@gateway” address behind it. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common service providers in the United States and their corresponding gateway addresses.

Carrier SMS gateway domain MMS gateway domain
Alltel [insert 10-digit number]@message.alltel.com [insert 10-digit number]@mms.alltelwireless.com
AT&T [insert 10-digit number]@txt.att.net [insert 10-digit number]@mms.att.net
Boost Mobile [insert 10-digit number]@myboostmobile.com [insert 10-digit number]@myboostmobile.com
Cricket Wireless [insert 10-digit number]@mms.cricketwireless.net
Project Fi [insert 10-digit number]@msg.fi.google.com
Sprint [insert 10-digit number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com [insert 10-digit number]@pm.sprint.com
T-Mobile [insert 10-digit number]@tmomail.net [insert 10-digit number]@tmomail.net
U.S. Cellular [insert 10-digit number]@email.uscc.net [insert 10-digit number]@mms.uscc.net
Verizon [insert 10-digit number]@vtext.com [insert 10-digit number]@vzwpix.com
Virgin Mobile [insert 10-digit number]@vmobl.com [insert 10-digit number]@vmpix.com
Republic Wireless [insert 10-digital number]@text.republicwireless.com

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to send an email that’s more than 160 characters long, it will be sent through the Multimedia Message Service (MMS). If the person you’re messaging doesn’t have a messaging plan that includes Multimedia Messaging, then they will not receive the message. Some carriers also offer email to MMS gateways — detailed in the table above — so if you’d like to send a message that’s made of more than 160 characters, use an MMS gateway instead of an SMS gateway.