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HBO GO vs HBO Now: Which is right for you?

HBO fans have it pretty good these days. Subscribers can now watch their favorite shows and movies using a myriad of methods, whether seated in front of their TV or on the bus to work. This freedom comes from the company’s twin streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, which allow fans to experience the wonders of Westworld and Westeros using their PlayStation 4, iPhone, or the HBO-compatible device of their choice.

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With two different ways to stream the network’s coveted library of original content, however, there are probably some wondering what sets the two services apart. The two have strong similarities like all siblings, but there are some important differences that render each unique.

First, let’s discuss which features both services have in common — which, it turns out, is actually quite a lot.


Every film, comedy special, and television series is available regardless of whether you opt for HBO Go or HBO Now. Both services get access to new content at the same time, which is typically an hour after the live broadcast. Sure, you might have to wait a little longer than those watching live to see what happens in the wilds of Westeros, but you’ll have more than enough backlog content to tide you over. The interfaces for both apps are also very similar — so much so, in fact, that the methods for navigating one will transfer to the other. They’re easy to figure out, with helpful sections that showcase “featured” content and new releases.

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