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Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson return for The Fall Season 3

Before Jamie Dornan introduced millions of unbeknownst suburban housewives to sadomasochism in 50 shades of Grey, he put the fear in audiences with a wholly different shade of sadism in the chilling BBC murder mystery, The Fall. Today, Deadline reported that both Dornan and his powerful female counterpart in Gillian Anderson will return for a third installment of the gripping series.

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According to the report, the third season was greenlit today by BBC 2, continuing one of the more popular series to come from the network last year, which gained a whole new audience after each season was picked up by Netflix.

The series follows Dornan as Paul Spector, an amiable counselor by day who transforms into a vicious serial killer by night in Belfast, Ireland, echoing a perversely dark mirror image of the role that would rocket him to stardom on the big screen. Anderson plays the cold and brilliant Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, in charge of tracking down the killer.

Season 3 will reportedly bring five more hour-long episodes that will continue the cat-and-mouse game between the two adversaries, further exploring the deeper themes exposed by the intimate story line.

“The story is far from over,” said BBC Drama Controller Ben Stephenson. “(Creator Allan Cubitt) has known the end game from the beginning …”

The launch date for Season 3 of The Fall has yet to be announced, but it will no doubt be an even longer, if worthwhile, wait for those relegated to see the next installment on Netflix.