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Marvel Studios reportedly moving forward with The Inhumans movie

Now that the success of Guardians of the Galaxy has proven that the cosmic corners of Marvel Comics can be fertile ground for films, it’s no surprise that the studio is moving forward with other projects set within the more alien realms of Marvel’s wide-reaching universe. One of the first to first to gain momentum may very well be a film based on The Inhumans, according to a a recent report.

Collider reports that Marvel Studios is happy with a recent draft of a script for The Inhumans penned by writer Joe Robert Cole and will soon be looking to attach a filmmaker to the project. The report seems to lend some support to a recent post on Facebook by Vin Diesel (who provided the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy) that teased a potential role for him as one of the Inhumans.

“I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman,” he wrote in an August 9 message accompanying a photo of Groot.

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For anyone unfamiliar with The Inhumans, the characters were first introduced in a 1965 issue of Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The strange, super-powered characters were the product of alien experimentation on primitive humans, and eventually formed their own civilization that evolved and grew, isolated from the rest of humanity. The Inhumans are ruled by a royal family led by Black Bolt, whose voice is a powerful weapon. Many of the Inhumans possess similarly bizarre powers that can be a threat to themselves and those around them while also being terribly powerful, and often mutating their physical appearance.

The site reports that Gunn’s success at balancing his personal vision for Guardians of the Galaxy with the studio’s specific needs for the greater, cinematic-universe narrative will likely open the door for more directors with a recognizable style to take the reins of Marvel movies like The Inhumans.