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Fujifilm reveals pricing for the FinePix X10

x10We recently introduced you to the Fujifilm FinePixX10, the upcoming addition to its infant X-series. The X100 was an inspiring, retro-throwback that created something of a frenzy. The X10 is the follow-up with similar retro styling and simplified interior hardware.

The ever-so-slightly downgraded specs and bumped up ease-of-use factor led us to assume the X10 would cost less than its predecessor, which was a gut-busting $1,300. As luck would have it, we were right. Fuji tells us the X10 will retail for $599.95 and will be available next month.

$600 is a massive reduction from the original X-series camera, and given that many reviewers major complaint was that the steep price would elude many consumers, the X10 could be a much larger commercial success.

Like we noted, the notable difference between the X10 and the X100 is that the coming camera won’t featured the extremely-hyped hybrid viewfinder. Instead the X10 will feature an optical viewfinder, so traditionalists and manual camera loyalists should still feel at home with this homage to classic camera styles. 

If you’re particularly excited about the new release, be sure to check out our quick Q&A segment on the X10