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3D simply isn’t motivating consumers to buy new televisions

As consumers in the U.S. are debating over several features when buying a new television, 3D technology is receiving a somewhat tepid response from TV shoppers.
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Google adds 3D option to 1080p YouTube videos

As 3D video slowly continues to seep into consumer's lives both on television and the Web, Google is pushing out a new 3D feature for users that upload high definition video.
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DirecTV begins working on broadcasting Ultra HDTV signals

As many consumers around the world are still debating over upgrading their television sets to 3D, service providers and television manufacturers are already moving on to Ultra HD resolution.
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Will the Toshiba ZL2 55-inch, glasses-free 3D television save 3D TV?

Toshiba has announced its glasses-free 3D TV, the 55ZL2, will go on sale in the UK on 12 March for £6999. With a 4K resolution and no need for glasses to view 3D content, could it be the savior of 3D at home?
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Will 3D phones ever catch on? First impressions of the LG Optimus 3D Max

LG will take another crack at a glasses-free 3D phone with the Optimus 3D Max, which brings a brighter screen, faster processor and thinner profile.
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The 2012 London Olympics is 3D TVs’ big opportunity

The forthcoming Summer Olympics could give 3D TV sales the boost they so desperately need.

How next-generation consoles may eliminate the used gaming market

While internal teams at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all hard at work designing and revising new console hardware, at least one next-generation console manufacturer may implement a way to kill used game sales faster than digital…
Cool Tech

Looking back at CES 2012, and forward on the year it will define

CES isn’t just about gadgets, it’s about the future. Here’s what 2012 will look like, according to the Magic 8-Ball we shook up in Vegas.

Check out Casio’s hypothetical 2D to 3D digital imaging

With no product announcements in sight, Casio showed off its 3D image potential at CES.
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Sculpteo turns your mug into a mug

The 3D printing trend gets a new outlet with Sculpteo, an app designers can take advantage of.
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LG will unveil new Google TV sets at CES

With television manufacturers Samsung and Vizio jumping on the Google TV bandwagon before CES officially kicks off, LG also has some Google TV panels headed to the popular trade show as well.