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Twitter introduces a new way for publishers to make cash from videos

Twitter is streamlining its ad revenue-sharing program to make it even easier to make money from tweets that contain video. The platform has introduced a number of new options that allow influencers to monetize their media content.

Your Android might be controlled by a malicious Twitter account

According to a recent blog post from ESET, there's a new kind of mobile malware that makes use of Twitter to control an Android device-based botnet. It's the first known mobile malware to use this kind of social media account.
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Seeing your grandparents on Facebook might make you sigh, but it might be good for them

You might be annoyed or bewildered by your grandparents using Facebook and Skype, but if a recent study is any indication, they are much smarter about their use of social technology than you might realize.
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Report: Twitter plans keyword filter to protect users from abusive tweets

Twitter is reportedly planning to launch a keyword filtering tool that shields its users from abusive tweets on the platform. The rumoured feature comes in the wake of a number of high-profile cases of harassment on the site.
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Internet has the last laugh as burkini ban is repealed

Posting your opinion on the now repealed burkini ban in several French towns could get you faced with a lawsuit -- if that post includes images of the police anyways. One French town tried to sue social media sharers.
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Twitter’s $500,000 price tag for Promoted Stickers could help solve its ad woes

Twitter is charging brands $500,000 for Promoted Stickers ad campaigns, claims a new report. The marketing feature was launched earlier this month in conjunction with a high-profile partnership with Pepsi.
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U.K. pols: Social networks are intentionally failing to tackle Islamic State

A committee of U.K. members of Parliament has released a report that accuses Twitter, Facebook, and Google of "consciously" failing to tackle Islamic State activity on their respective platforms.
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Twitter’s new direct messaging button will let you chat with any site on the web

Twitter has introduced a new direct message button to its publishing features that allows users to chat with businesses and brands from any site on the web. You can expect to see the new plugin popping up all over the internet.
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Twitter goes dark on iOS, thanks to new night mode

Twitter for iOS users are finally being treated to night mode, a feature that has been an Android exclusive since July. The new option gives the Twitter app a dark theme, making it ideal for low-light conditions.
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Twitter pulls plug on 230,000 accounts as fight against extremists ramps up

Plus: Report says the Apple Watch 2 won't get a hoped-for feature and the latest version of popular RPG Deus EX videogame gets reviewed.
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Twitter has suspended another 235,000 accounts for terror-related activity

After years of criticism accusing the company of doing too little, Twitter is now hard at work tracking down and closing accounts on its platform that promote extremism and terror. In the last six months alone, it said it's suspended…
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Twitter could be planning to bring live-streaming NFL games to the Apple TV

Twitter is reportedly currently in discussions with Apple about bringing its app and content to the Apple TV, including live-streaming NFL games, which it gained the rights to earlier this year.