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Traffic driving you crazy? Elon Musk is right there with ya

"Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging..." Elon Musk tweeted cryptically Saturday morning. And just for good measure, he added later, "I am actually going to do this."

Think of the children! Proposed U.K. porn law could see Twitter blocked

The Digital Economy Bill could force any site with user submitted content, including Twitter and Facebook, to provide age gates or risk being blocked by British ISPs, under new rules designed to prevent children from accessing pornography.
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Dorsey: Twitter thinking about implementing encrypted direct messages

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s open to implementing more security features, such as end-to-end encryption, in regard to direct messages on the platform. The Twitter chief was prompted on the issue by Edward Snowden.
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Twitter restricts law enforcement fusion centers from accessing bulk user data

Twitter is cutting off access to the Dataminr social media monitoring tool for law enforcement surveillance hubs, known as “fusion centers.” The tool allowed the hubs to search through billions of real-time and historical public tweets.
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Twitter reportedly built a stand-alone messaging app, only to later kill it off

Twitter reportedly spent more than a year building a stand-alone instant messaging app that never ended up seeing the light of day. The product was built by the company's engineering team in Bengaluru, India.
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Down Periscope? Its app is no longer needed to live-stream on Twitter

Twitter has taken one more step in killing off Periscope -- the company has enabled the ability to live-stream straight from the Twitter app. To get started, all you have to do is hit "compose tweet," then hit the "Live" button. It's that…
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Whistleblower Edward Snowden answers questions about fake news, more via Twitter

In a live Q&A broadcast, Edward Snowden spoke to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, answering questions put forward by Twitter users. The exiled whistleblower shared his thoughts on fake news, the possibility of his extradition, and Twitter's recent…
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Twitter is banning the bots that feed off Trump’s tweets

Twitter is banning bots that automatically respond to Donald Trump's tweets. This week, the platform has targeted several automated accounts that linger around Trump's replies, tweeting spam and memes in the process.
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CEO Jack Dorsey on Donald Trump’s Twitter activity: It’s 'complicated'

Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a fan of President-elect Donald Trump’s nonstop tweeting? The question came up at a tech conference on Tuesday. Dorsey's reply was characteristically diplomatic, but nonetheless revealing.
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Google's experimental new feature lets you search with emojis via Twitter

People seem to like emojis -- more than 600,000 of the 21 million tweets sent every hour contain at least one. An experimental new feature lets you perform searches on Google by tweeting emojis to the @Google handle on Twitter.
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Facebook collaborating with other tech giants to stamp out extremist content

Facebook is teaming up with some of its biggest tech industry counterparts in order to combat the spread of violent extremist imagery and video on the web. Others participating on the tool include Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft.
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Twitter says it would ban Trump if he violates its policies on hate speech

Like all companies, Twitter has a set of user guidelines. These rules also apply to one Donald J. Trump, and Twitter is putting him on notice. No hate-speech on their servers, or else.