Twitter is the newest investor platform for startups looking to share relevant info and attract VC funding

Now, with the blessing of the SEC, startups can tweet information about their stock or debt offering in order to either create buzz around their company or determine how much interest there is among investors when it comes to funding.

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U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron believes privacy policies are a hindrance

With privacy being a hot topic, U.K. prime minister David Cameron didn't mince his words when he implied that the privacy that Facebook and Twitter users have is unsustainable. He will push the criticized Draft Communications Data Bill forward this fall.


Singer David Draiman of heavy metal’s Disturbed had enough of trolls, quits Twitter

David Draiman, singer for the metal band Disturbed, announced that he's permanently leaving Twitter because, he says, of attacks from trolls who disagree with his political standpoints.

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15 times social media made the world a better place

Social media is usually regarded as the realm for all things negative, inane, and narcissistic. But sometimes, tweets, likes, hashtags, and check-ins are used as a force for positivity and change.

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Here are the new Twitter emojis you’ll need for Wimbledon

The most famous tennis tournament in the world gets underway in London on Monday — and Twitter wants to encourage you to get involved with some new emoji characters for the occasion.


Supreme Court’s gay marriage legalization sets Twitter on fire

The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide and Twitter was flooded with thousands of reactions from citizens, politicians, celebrities and more.

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Charleston shooter’s manifesto, photos found via WHOIS search

Allegedly uploading a lengthy, racist rant about his decision to commit murder, a deep Web search has uncovered Dylann Roof's manifesto as well as a number of selfies taken to showcase the confederate flag.


Twitter tries to improve its shopping experience with full-fledged product pages

In an effort to expand its shopping experience, Twitter announced Collections, which introduce product pages on the social media site for the first time. The new feature will roll out today for Twitter's website and mobile app.

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Twitter will allow you to follow events instead of people for breaking news

In an effort to streamline the chore of finding a specific topic on Twitter, the company announced Project Lightning, a dedicated news platform that lets users follow events instead of people.

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With more effective blocked lists, Twitter is ramping up fight against trolls

Twitter is letting users join up with their buddies to block trolls more efficiently on the social media site. With these blocked lists, Twitter is heating up its fight against trolls.

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Twitter will now autoplay videos in your timeline by default

Realizing that it took too many steps to play native video, Twitter's latest update will autoplay all native videos, Vines, and GIFs within users timelines. Users can also opt out of the new feature if they wish.


Americans spend an alarming amount of time checking social media on their phones

It's an all too familiar sight: A woman falls into a mall fountain while texting. And now, a new report from Informate Mobile Intelligence tells us exactly how attached Americans are to their smartphones and their social media networks.


Snoop Dogg wants to run Twitter – DT Daily

Today on DT Daily: Snoop Dogg takes to Twitter announcing his interest in running the social media giant. With CEO Dick Costolo's resignation yesterday the position is open, but does Snoop have what it takes to light up the board room?

DT Daily

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to step down July 1, co-founder Jack Dorsey steps in

After facing increasing criticism of his leadership, Twitter's embattled CEO, Dick Costolo, has announced he will be stepping down from the company's helm on July 1. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will take over in an interim role.

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Twitter waves bye-bye to square videos with new landscape mode

Twitter just became a little less square. The social media company on Wednesday introduced new functionality for iOS and Android that lets you shoot and share videos in full frame landscape mode from within the app.

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