K. T. Bradford

K. T. Bradford

Former Digital Trends Contributor
K. T Bradford is a lover of gadgets and all things geek. Prior to writing for Digital Trends she cut her teeth on tech writing at Laptop Magazine as the News Editor. Her reviews, insights, and proof of geek cred can also be found at GottaBeMobile, the late, lamented Tecca.com, io9, and Black Enterprise magazine. Besides indulging her gadget nerditry, she also writes essays on pop culture and writes science fiction.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) review

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite improves upon last year's model but doesn't break what worked. Sporting a high-quality display, even light, comfortable design, and speedy…

  • Pros: Comfortable design , Excellent display and reading light…
  • Cons: Base price includes advertising , No microSD card slot , DRM…

Best Android phones for $350 or less

‘Superphones’ are overrated


Dell Venue 8 review

Dell created a decent, middle of the road Android tablet in the Venue 8 that won't wow shoppers but is good value for the price.

  • Pros: Comfortable and lightweight design , Stock Android 4.2.2 and…
  • Cons: Screen is a fingerprint magnet , Glossy display is too…

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight review

The new Nook GlowLight boasts a better display and a brighter, more even built-in light. Barnes & Noble should have stopped there with the changes, but it didn't.

  • Pros: Screen is more pixel dense with deeper contrast , GlowLight…
  • Cons: No physical page turn buttons , No improvements to the…

Want to post something on eBay? You might want one of these mobile photo studios

The key to a good seller listing is better pictures, but you don't need a DSLR and a full photo studio to make that happen. All you need is a portable, foldable smartphone camera photo studio and your dreams.


PlayLater lets you download any streaming movie or TV show: Here’s how to use it

How would you like a DVR for all your online video services? Record movies or TV episodes from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more, save them to your hard drive, then watch them on any device whenever you want. Sound illegal? Apparently it's not.


Brick-and-mortar book stores tell Amazon, ‘We don’t need your stinkin’ Kindles’

This week Amazon announced a program that will allow indie bookstores to sell Kindles and get a cut of ebook profits. Indie booksellers took one look, laughed, and rode away with their collective middle finger in the air.


Hands On: Dell XPS 11 is a nice convertible with an annoying touch keyboard

Dell's new XPS 11 bends over backwards to please the tablet-loving crowd, but by radically changing the keyboard, it may alienate laptop lovers.

  • Pros: Attractive, comfortable design , Slim and lightweight , High…
  • Cons: Touch keyboard isn't comfortable or accurate , High Res…

No touching! We go hands-off with the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition

With Leap Motion's sensor embedded in the laptop, it's easier to see the possibilities for gesture-based control. Just lift up your hand to move the cursor or flick a webpage up or…

  • Pros: Sensor fully integrated into laptop , Can turn sensor on and…
  • Cons: Awkward placement for left-handed users

Google City Experts is awesome now – but will it suffer the same fate as Yelp Elites?

Is being a Google City Expert as fancy as being Yelp Elite? The search giant is looking to build up the ever important reviews and insight content in Google Local by following Yelp's playbook.

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Hands On: HP goes all-in on Android, releasing four tablets for the holidays

It looks like HP finally understands what makes a decent Android tablet. All the important elements from design and display quality to performance and software seem to be in line with our favorite tablets already on the market.


Apple iPhone 5C Review

We review Apple’s colorful, cheap new iPhone 5C. Is it better than the iPhone 5, or should you hit eBay to find last year’s model? Find out here.

  • Pros: More comfortable to hold than iPhone 5S/5 , Bigger battery…
  • Cons: iOS 7 still has a few nagging issues , Poor Google services…

Kindle MatchBook alternatives: Are there other ways to digitize your physical books?

The Kindle MatchBook program will give you free or cheap e-book versions of physical books bought through Amazon. But what about all those other books you have taking up space? There are options, but few of them are strictly legal...