Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of the @DigitalTrends computing section.

‘No Man’s Sky’ has sprung a ton of leaks — here’s where to watch them

Despite Hello Games' best efforts, retailer leaks have put numerous copies of No Man's Sky into gamer's hands. Now, they're streaming all they can. It's the best way to get a sneak peek at the game.

Close to the Metal Ep. 6: Is the Xbox One S the console for PC gamers? 33:49

Microsoft has released its revised Xbox One S. Smaller than the original, and now with 4K support, it's a decent piece of hardware. But Xbox isn't just targeting console players with this release -- its audience is broader than…
Product Review

Microsoft Xbox One S Review

Gamers don't need Microsoft's new Xbox One S, but videophiles will love it.

Today is the last day to grab Windows 10 for free — do it before it's too late

Microsoft's free upgrade of Windows 10 expires after Friday, which means you'll have to pay if you want the latest operating system. If you haven't upgraded yet, you'd better act fast.

Close to the Metal Episode 5: Windows 10’s free upgrade is almost gone – should you upgrade? 33:45

Windows 10's free upgrade is about to go extinct, and many users are stressing over whether switching to the new OS is worthwhile. Don't worry. We have the answer.
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BenQ PV3200PT Review

If you need a monitor big enough to be a TV, BenQ has your 4K fix.

Close to the Metal Episode 4: Who makes the best video card? 34:52

Most PC gamers need a discrete graphics card, and options from AMD and Nvidia have dominated the market for almost two decades. Which has the edge in 2016? And is Intel catching up?
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Origin Millennium (2016) Review

Origin Millennium (2016) review.

Close to the Metal Ep. 3: Is Falcon’s $8,700 Mach V desktop a justifiable expense? 33:31

The Falcon Northwest Mach V is one of the most enduring, and most expensive, systems in the PC arena. Is its high price tag worthwhile? And what's the real difference between it and a more typical, mid-range rig?
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Falcon Northwest Mach V (2016) Review

Legendary for a reason: Falcon Northwest's iconic Mach V still slays.

Close to the Metal Ep. 2: Is the RX 480 too powerful for its own good, and what size monitor is best? 28:53

The RX 480's fantastic reviews are followed by power draw problems, a VR porn festival in Japan is shut down by overcrowding, and Acer's Predator Z35 gaming monitor proves why bigger isn't always better.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

2-in-1 PCs aren't dead, and Microsoft's class-redefining Surface Pro 4 is proof.