Trevor Mogg

Trevor Mogg

Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan). As far as electronics are concerned, he's in the right place, with the East Asian country continuing to produce a plethora of gadgets and gizmos for tech addicts around the world. When not writing for Digital Trends, Trevor can be found out and about taking far too many photos, or in front of his computer trying to sort them all out.
Cool Tech

Parrot’s fixed-wing Disco drone dances into stores next month for $1,300

With quadcopters dominating the consumer drone market, Parrot is hoping its unusual fixed-wing offering will prove a hit. The camera-equipped Disco, which launches next month for $1300, can reach speeds of 50 mph and stay airborne…
Cool Tech

Drones could soon be buzzing about at an airport near you – on leashes

Drones at airports are strictly prohibited, with nobody keen to find out what happens if one gets sucked into the engine of a passenger plane. A couple of airports in France, however, have found a clever way to use them for…
Cool Tech

Back in touch! NASA has just made contact with a lost spacecraft after nearly two years

Boy, those folks at NASA never give up. Having lost contact nearly two years ago with a spacecraft millions of miles from Earth, mission operators on Sunday announced they'd successfully reestablished a communications link.

This eco-friendly ‘Shed of the Year’ looks good enough to live in

You may well suggest that this three-room shed is not a shed but instead a small apartment, but it's nevertheless just won the award for Britain's best shed.
Cool Tech

Drones are now the delivery method of choice for contraband-craving Brit prisoners

It's not just the U.S. authorities that are having trouble with drones flying contraband over prison fences. It's happening just about everywhere, including in the U.K., where cops recently intercepted a machine carrying a huge stash of…
Cool Tech

Would you buy a hammock for your head?

If you always have difficulty nodding off on planes, trains, or possibly at your desk, the NodPod may be just the ticket. It's a kind of hammock for your head, enabling you to maintain a comfy position so you can hopefully catch…
Movies & TV

North Korea has just launched its own Netflix-style streaming service

It's an on-demand video streaming service, but not as we know it. North Korea's recently launched "Manbang" service is no Netflix, but in a country where getting hold of any kind of streaming content is challenging enough, it may be better…

Londoners can now get their handset fixed inside one of the city’s iconic red phone boxes

The proliferation of smartphones has helped speed up the demise of public payphones. So it seems fitting that a company in London is transforming some of the city's obsolete red phone boxes into smartphone repair shops. Albeit very small…

Japan’s prime minister became ‘Super Mario’ at the Olympic closing ceremony

It's not every day you see a world leader dressed up as a famous video game character, but that's exactly what happened during the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony on Sunday night.
Social Media

Twitter has suspended another 235,000 accounts for terror-related activity

After years of criticism accusing the company of doing too little, Twitter is now hard at work tracking down and closing accounts on its platform that promote extremism and terror. In the last six months alone, it said it's suspended…

That dancing Olympic weightlifter just got the green-screen treatment

An Olympic weightlifter from the tiny Pacific island of Kiribati has been making quite a name for himself in Rio this week, performing a full-on dance after every lift. And thanks to the green backdrop, the entertainment factor…

Video proof why you should never take your iPhone on a bungee jump

A guy doing a bungee jump in South Africa this week forgot to take his smartphone out of his pocket, leading it to slip from his pants as he hurtled toward the ground. Yes, it's always a good idea to empty your pockets before adopting an…