AT&T to sell Sony S2 clamshell tablet

Sony S2 tablet

AT&T has picked up one of Sony’s two odd looking tablets. Named the “S2,” the tablet has two 5.5-inch touchscreens that fold together, making the S2 look kind of like a small purse when its closed. AT&T likes what it sees. The wireless carrier will be the exclusive home of the tablet, which will tap into AT&T’s HSPA+ network as well as Wi-Fi.

“We’re pleased to be working with AT&T on yet another unique mobile device,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Networked Technology and Services Division at Sony Electronics. “AT&T provides the speed and coverage that are integral to the different features and functions of our tablet. We value our relationship as they share our commitment to growing the ‘Sony Tablet’ S2 and the tablet market overall.”

Lucas isn’t lying. AT&T has been the only carrier willing to pick up most Sony Ericsson devices in the United States, proving to be a vital ally for Sony in the last five years or so. This partnership looks like it may extend outside the Ericsson collaboration into straight Sony devices like the S2.

By the time it hits shelves, the S2 will likely look a bit different and have a new name. When we find out when that will be, what it might cost, or how much power it actually has, we’ll let you know. Until then, the S2 tablet remains a mystery.