Datamation USB Hub can sync up to 49 iPads

Datamation DS-IP-49-SYNC

We know, we know: most people sync and charge their iPads just by popping on the little Apple-supplied cable and setting the device on a desk or end-table for a while—and that works great. But if you’re using iPads in a school, hospital, library, business, or other setting, trying to make sure everyone’s iPads are in sync with the same calendars, messages, contacts, and media every day—or firmware or OS updates every few months—can be a tremendous hassle, usually involving stringing together a bunch of chintzy consumer USB hubs to a Mac and hoping for the best.

Datamation wants to help out with that, announcing its new DS-IP-49-SYNC full-powered USB hub that can sync up to 49 devices. And while it works best with a Mac running iTunes, it can be used with Windows and Linux systems, and can also be used to synch (and even charge) many other USB 2.0 devices like smartphones, tablets, and media players.

“When combined with our other charging and security solutions, this creates the fastest, most effective, affordable, simultaneous syncing solution for iPad and other technology deployments,” said Datamation Systems VP Joe Mazza, in a statement.

Built as a syncing solution rather than a fast-charging solution, the DS-IP-49-SYNC features a Cambrionix board with 49 USB 2.0 connectors that can handle anything with a standard USB A-type connector. Each port supplies a 500 mA charge—it’s not enough for universal charging, but it enough to trickle-charge many devices. The panel is powered by a dual-voltage power supply, and when used with a Mac host (say, a MacBook locked in a cabinet with it) can serve as a sync station for up to 49 devices via iTunes.

Datamation offers a range of device carts, cabinets, and security devices, including charging and syncing solutions for Apple iPads and other USB devices.

Datamation doesn’t publish pricing details—you need to contact them or a reseller directly—but don’t be surprised to see the DS-IP-49-SYNC somewhere around $1,900.