Facebook denies rumors of Facebook phone

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Rumors are swirling around Facebook, claiming the company is preparing to build its own phone, as reported by TechCrunch.

Facebook has vehemently denied these rumors, saying instead that it is pushing deeper into the mobile phone sector through tighter integration.

One thing does seem clear, Facebook is looking to become more of a mobile platform, not just a service or web application. Facebook is likely working on mobile phone software that would put it in stronger competition with Google and Apple and is probably using Android as a starting point.

Facebook is already the most popular application on smartphones in the U.S., according to Nielsen. More than 50 percent of all BlackBrerry, and Android phone subscribers use the Facebook application regularly, Nielsen recently reported.

What could this mean for the future? Facebook could have much more control over the mobile industry than it does today. And while according to TechCrunch, Facebook does appear to be using Android to develop its platform, the social networking company does not appear to be getting help from its arch-rival, Google.

The thinking behind the decision to build off Android seems clear: Facebook could modify the OS to make it more social while still being able to support third-party Android applications. We could see a future where calling or texting a contact simply involved clicking on the name of a Facebook friend.