Infinity Blade 2 sequel for iOS 5 coming in December


The original Infinity Blade had one thing going for it that sort of set it apart from many other mobile games: It was awesome. It wasn’t just a sliver of a bigger game, cut out and tossed onto a mobile platform, nor was it minigame that struck a chord with audiences. It was a look at the direction of mobile gaming is headed, and is still considered by many to be the best mobile game, by far.

Earlier today during the Apple press conference where it debuted the iPhone 4S, a sequel to Infinity Blade was also announced for iOS. Developed by Epic Games, who are on a hot streak following the release of Gears of War 3, Infinity Blade 2 will be available on December 1 for iOS 5.

The game will feature iCloud saves, new fighting styles, new weapons, social challenges and HD graphics, which you can check out in the trailer below. No word yet on pricing, although the original was released for $5.99 last year. Infinity Blade 2 will work on any device with iOS 5.

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