Microsoft prepares to show off Office for iPad during late March event

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Detailed by The Verge earlier today, Microsoft is planning to officially unveil Office for iPad and display the software at Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first press event later this month. Focusing on mobile devices and cloud computing at the media event on March 27 in San Francisco, it’s likely that the software will be somewhat similar to the Office Mobile application that’s currently available for the iPhone. The version of Office for iPhone requires a Office 365 subscription in order to edit documents and spreadsheets, thus it’s likely that Microsoft will require the same for the iPad version.

According to sources familiar with the project, Office for iPad will allow users to create new content within Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as edit files linked to the Office 365 account. While Office 365 has restrictions on the number of personal computers that can install full versions of Office, it’s likely that Microsoft won’t restrict the number of tablets within a family that can access the software.

At the consumer level, Microsoft recently announced a discounted personal plan for Office 365 that charges consumers $7-per-month or $70-per-year. That plan is expected to launch during Spring 2014. In addition, Microsoft offers a $10-per-month plan for families as well as a flat $99-per-year option. If you have a student email address, there’s a more attractive plan at $80 for students that offers access for four years. That boils do to less than $2-per-month. Microsoft also offers a variety of plans for enterprise users that range from $5 to $15 per month for each user.

Regarding Android, it’s possible that Microsoft will divulge a timetable for launch of compatible Office software for Android tablets. Similar to iPhone users, Android smartphone users can access Mobile Office assuming there’s an active Office 365 subscription linked within the application. It’s also likely that Microsoft will talk more about Windows Phone 8.1 at the event.