New iPad apps and updates: iPhoto, iWork, iMovie, GarageBand


The so-called “new iPad” may have taken center stage during today’s big Apple event in San Francisco, but the Cupertino electronics giant also unveiled some exciting new apps and updates for the world’s favorite tablet. Below, a quick rundown of what’s new app-wise for iPad users.


The only all-new app for iOS devices is iPhoto. The touchscreen version of Apple’s photo app will support Multi-Touch gestures, and allows users to make adjustments to their photos, like enhance the color, exposure, and contrast. Apple has also included some “Apple-designed effect” to give photos some pizzaz. (We’re guessing this will be similar to what you’ll find on Instagram or Camera+.) And users can adjust specific parts of their photos by using their fingertips like “brushes.” The new iPhoto also enables users to upload photos straight to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and iCloud, as well as to “beam” photos directly between iOS devices or Apple TV using AirPlay.


Now that the iPad has the same excellent camera as the iPhone 4S, the device is sure to become an home movie-maker’s dream device. The biggest update to the new version of iMovie is the “Hollywood-style” Trailers feature. With the new Theater view mode, users can add one of nine new templates, with names like “Fairy Tale” and “Superhero” to their home-trailers. Trailers also features customizable graphics, and professional-grade soundtracks. User-made trailers can be shared online via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, and can be streamed to Apple TV in 1080p (assuming you have the new Apple TV) over AirPlay.


The new version of iWork is made to take full advantage of the new iPad’s high-resolution Retina display. Upgrades include 3D charts, as well as landscape mode support for iPhone and iPod touch devices.


Finally, Apple has added a new Jam Session feature to GarageBand, which allows up to four people to wirelessly connect their iOS devices to play and record music as a group. According to the press release, Jam Sessions also “automatically synchronizes the tempo, key and chords” of all connected Touch instruments to make the mix go smoothly. In addition, Apple has added Smart Strings, a new Touch instrument that “allows you to play an entire string orchestra with just one finger” (what that means, exactly, we’re not yet sure). And the new Note Editor allows users to fine-tune their recordings. GarageBand songs can be automatically uploaded to iCloud, and ported to Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand all cost $4.99; iWork components (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) cost $9.99 each. All available from the iTunes App Store.