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technology is shaping the mini buyer new york auto show interview clubman all4 0019

Technology is shaping the MINI buyer: New York Auto Show interview

interview americas greatest makers contestant zach vorhies of zackees 0016

America’s Greatest Makers is like American Idol for geeks, so we talked to one

bugatti engineering chief willi netuschil interview chiron feat

11 radiators. 16 cylinders. 1,500 horses. How Bugatti built the monstrous Chiron

Galaxy Note 5 front full

Hey Samsung, don’t kill the Galaxy Note for an Edgy gimmick

Samsung thinks the Galaxy S6 Edge has a better chance of beating the iPhone 6S Plus than the Galaxy Note 5, but it's dead wrong. Here's why.
weekly recap samsung galaxy edge plus tinder ceo google alphabet ge neuro kite and lightning 1

Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

Dot World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

How a mob of Kickstarter vigilantes are killing the world’s smallest earbuds

Ivan Kan set out to bring a wireless Bluetooth earbud to the U.S. via Kickstarter, but skeptical backers turned a lack of understanding into a witch hunt.
lamborghini factory tour pictures production process 0350

Every Lamborghini ever made was built by hand in this factory

Amtrak Train 188 Derailment Philadelphia PA

Technology to prevent train accidents exists, but Congress may delay its implementation

Technology exists that forces trains to slow down or stop if they are driving too fast, but federal funding and other concerns delay its implementation.