BMW will gift the U.S. market its lighter, faster, and more aggressive M4 GTS

When BMW introduced the M3 GTS to the world in 2010, enthusiasts everywhere were thrilled. Two hundred fifty examples of the lightened, more powerful, better-handling e92 M3 were built, but if you lived in the U.S., you couldn’t get your hands on one, regardless of how much cash you had to throw at it.

That’s why the latest rumors of a new M4 GTS are even more exciting — BMW will reportedly bring the track-focused model to the states. Presently, the U.S. market accounts for 40 percent of overall M sales, making it the largest market and therefore a perfect place to offer a faster M4.

Oh, and the M4 GTS isn’t just a “maybe” either. U.S. BMW dealerships show the 2016 M4 GTS beginning production in March of next year. The special edition lines up with the automaker’s 100th anniversary, and while we don’t have pricing information, expect it to retail for somewhere above $100,000 like the M3 GTS.

The M4 GTS will be distinguished by aerodynamic upgrades, a roll cage instead of rear seats, lighter-weight materials such as carbon fiber, and an otherwise stripped-down cabin.

The engine will be an upgraded version of the M4’s twin-turbo straight six-engine with the addition of water injection. Power is estimated to be 470 horsepower, an increase of 55 horses compared to the normal M3 and M4. Ceramic brakes and a dual-clutch transmission will also come standard on the GTS spec.

While the GTS name is the most likely choice for the more extreme M4, Automobile Magazine has reported BMW could go with “CSL” instead. The e46 M3 CSL was introduced in 2003, again for the European market only, and focused on light weight materials and increased performance, much like the GTS.

Time will tell, but whatever BMW chooses to calls it, a track-ready M4 sounds like one hell of a good time.