The Edmunds TV app for Apple TV brings car reviews and more into your living room

Edmunds TV

Apple is preparing to ship the fourth-generation Apple TV at the end of this month, and if you’re a car fan, we may have one more reason to throw down for a pre-order. has announced Edmunds TV, a car-centric app that will consolidate vehicle reviews, road tests, consumer advice, and behind-the-scenes videos all onto the Apple TV, a process that the company says will bring “exclusive industry-leading automotive content into the living room.” According to Edmunds, over 60 percent of car shoppers use video reviews to decide which ride is best for them.

“As consumers spend more time researching cars and watching automotive video content, we saw an opportunity to create a car shopping experience that extends to multiple consumer touchpoints on desktop, mobile and TV screens,” said Stephen Gandee, Vice President of Product Design and Advertising at Edmunds. “With Edmunds TV, we’re infusing car shopping into more aspects of everyday life, making it an inclusive experience that can be enjoyed and shared by both the future driver and passenger.”

Edmunds TV joins an ever-growing list of in-house apps by the online automotive resource. In May, the firm announced Drive Promise, a free iPhone and Apple Watch program that allows drivers to “promise” their loved ones that they will not text, multitask, or otherwise take their focus off the road. Once underway, Drive Promise reminds the operator of their pledge with a photo of said loved one on the Apple Watch. While it cannot detect if the driver is distracted on its own, users can keep track of their kept promises and share them with friends and family.

In addition, the original Edmunds app offers tools like easy-to-use payment calculators, live help from experts, as well as communicative tools with dealers to get upfront pricing.