What’s new on Apple TV+ in November 2020

Apple TV+ is the new kid on the streaming service block. Still in its infancy, Apple’s one-stop-shop for new and classic movies, TV shows, and original content is creeping up on OG stalwarts like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Month to month, Apple continues to add incredible new content to its TV+ lineup. We’ve taken the liberty of vetting through the streaming service to let you know what’s new and great on Apple TV+ this month. Here are a few of the most recent titles that you should be excited about this November.

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Our top picks for November

Becoming You

Becoming You is a six-part documentary series that follows the lives of more than 100 children the world over, from birth to age 5. Narrated by Olivia Colman, this thought-provoking examination of a child’s natural development weaves tales of learning, thinking, and movement into a comprehensive and endearing mini-series. Culturally and generationally, there are thousands of ways to raise a child. Becoming You imparts that while no one is truly the same, there’s a fundamental fabric of humanity, love, and nurture that are the essential building blocks to a child’s earliest years.

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Doug Unplugs

Dreamworks Animation brings us this all-new animated children’s series, based on the Dan Yaccarino book of the same name, about the titular robot and his drive to absorb, understand, and explore the world around him. Extra-curious, Doug (Brandon James Cienfuegos) quite literally unplugs from his normal android factory job to journey outside into the world of humans. There he meets Emma (Kyrie McAlpin), a like-minded curiosity pal (a human girl) who joins Doug on his journey of discovery. Endearing, lesson-filled, and lovingly voice-acted, Doug Unplugs is a more than worthy addition to your family’s lineup of kid-friendly content.

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Our top picks from October

Tiny World

Tiny World is a six-part documentary series that takes a look at some of the tiniest animals on our planet, and what they must do in order to survive and thrive. Fittingly narrated by Paul Rudd (our favorite pint-sized Marvel superhero), the series is produced by Plimsoll Productions, the team responsible for Netflix’s seven-part nature series, Night on Earth, and the National Geographic series Hostile Planet. From hermit crabs and pygmy monkeys to frogs that are no bigger than a dime, Tiny World captures the trials, hardships, and big hearts of some of the world’s smallest creatures, all by way of dazzling cinematography, an emotive score, and Paul Rudd’s earnest narration. The series premiered on Apple TV+ on October 2.

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On the Rocks

On the Rocks is the first feature film for Apple TV+ that was co-produced and co-distributed by Apple and U.S.-based production company A24 (Lady Bird, Moonlight, Hereditary, The Lighthouse). Co-written and directed by Sofia Coppola (The Beguiled, Lost in Translation), On the Rocks stars Rashida Jones as Laura, an upper-class mother of two who begins to suspect her husband (played by Marlon Wayans) could be cheating on her. So who does she turn to? Coppola’s ace in the hole, Bill Murray, of course. Murray plays Felix, Laura’s father, who suggests he and his daughter should stalk the streets of nighttime New York, following Laura’s husband wherever he goes. On the Rocks is Bill Murray at his best, a performance allowed to shine by Coppola’s intimately air-brushed vision of love gone astray. On the Rocks landed on Apple TV+ on October 23.

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Ghostwriter returns to Apple TV+ for its second season on October 9. The first season centered on a group of kids dealing with a haunted bookstore, where a resident ghost unleashes characters from classic literature into their neighborhood. Praised for its mature writing and well-cast leads, the first series featured classic literature characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Produced by Sesame Workshop, Ghostwriter Season 1 nabbed the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Programming, marking one of the first Emmy laurels for Apple TV+.

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Everything new on Apple TV+ in November

November 13

  • Becoming You
  • Doug Unplugs

Looking ahead for Apple TV+

Apple TV+ isn’t quite as competitive as some of its other streaming service competitors. That isn’t a huge deal, namely because it is significantly cheaper — especially once Apple One hits later this year. However, the service does have some exciting stuff coming later this year and early in 2021.

Apple Original Films and singer-songwriter Billie Eilish are releasing a documentary in February 2021 called Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry. Wolfwalkers is an animated series arriving early December, and Foundation — based on the series of books by Isaac Asimov — is dropping early next year.

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