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What’s new on Apple TV+ this month (June 2022)

Looking for an awesome new streaming platform to check out? We recommend giving Apple TV+ a go. Approaching its third year, Apple’s one-stop shop for movies, TV shows, and exclusive content continues to grow and gain respect from the media landscape at large. Featuring selections from most genres, Apple TV+ may not have the sheer breadth of titles as its rivals, but it’s gaining ground quickly.

Here’s everything new on Apple TV+ this month, our favorite picks from last month, and what titles to look forward to in the near future.

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Our top picks for June

Physical (2021)

60 %
tv-ma 2 Seasons
Genre Comedy, Drama
Created by Annie Weisman
Physical returns to Apple TV+ with a second season full of victories and fierce stakes for San Diego fitness instructor Sheila Rubin. Picking up on the heels of season 1, the second season follows the release of Sheila’s first aerobics exercise tape, a successful endeavor that puts her in the crosshairs of rival instructors, in addition to a host of other challenges for the housewife-turned-exercise magnate. The first episode of the new season premieres June 3, with one new episode landing on Apple TV+ each Friday until all 10 episodes have dropped.

For All Mankind (2019)

For All Mankind
67 %
tv-ma 3 Seasons
Genre Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, War & Politics
Cast Joel Kinnaman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten
Created by Ronald D. Moore, Ben Nedivi, Matt Wolpert
For All Mankind is a popular alternate-history series that explores what would have happened if NASA and the space program remained a major priority. With seasons 1 and 2 taking place 10 years apart from each other, season 3 continues the pattern by jumping ahead one decade to the early ’90s. This time around, Mars is the ultimate destination for the show’s band of cosmonauts, as mankind attempts to settle humans on the distant planet. The first episode lands on Apple TV+ on June 10, with new episodes dropping each Friday.

Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022)

Cha Cha Real Smooth
76 %
r 107m
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars Cooper Raiff, Dakota Johnson, Vanessa Burghardt
Directed by Cooper Raiff
Premiering at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, Cha Cha Real Smooth is a comedy-drama written, directed, produced, and starring Cooper Raiff. Raiff plays Andrew, a 22-year-old college grad who takes a job as a bar mitzvah party host. It is here that Andrew strikes up an unlikely friendship with a local mother (played by Dakota Johnson) and her teenage daughter (played by Vanessa Burghardt). The film premieres June 17.

Everything new on Apple TV+ in June

June 3

  • Physical (season 2)

June 10

  • For All Mankind (season 3)

June 17

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth
  • Home (season 2)

June 24

  • Loot
  • Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show

Our top picks for May

The Big Conn (2022)

The Big Conn
tv-MA 1 Season
Genre Documentary, Crime
Created by Brian Lazarte, James Lee Hernandez
Eric C. Conn, a Kentucky-based lawyer, infamously took the world by storm when he scammed the U.S. government out of over half a billion dollars in Social Security funds. This four-part Apple TV+ docuseries takes a detailed look at Conn, the history of the case, his wild life, and the long-lasting ripple effects of such large-scale fraud.

Snoopy Presents: To Mom (and Dad), With Love (2022)

Snoopy Presents: To Mom (and Dad), With Love
g 38m
Genre Animation
Stars Tyler James Nathan, Terry McGurrin, Lexi Perri
Directed by Clay Kaytis
The latest addition to the Apple TV+ family of Peanuts holiday specials, To Mom (and Dad) With Love focuses on Peppermint Patty and her struggle with growing up without a mother. Leading up to Mother’s Day, Patty’s friend Marcie helps Patty to realize that holidays like Mother’s Day can commemorate any loved one that means the world to us. There’s also a lovable B-plot involving Snoopy and Woodstock’s search for Woodstock’s estranged mother.

Prehistoric Planet (2022)

Prehistoric Planet
tv-pg 1 Season
Genre Documentary
Cast David Attenborough
Created by Jon Favreau
Produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, narrated by David Attenborough, and executive produced by Jon Favreau, Prehistoric Planet is a five-part documentary series that re-creates dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous period (66 million years ago) using state-of-the-art CGI courtesy of Moving Picture Company.

Looking ahead on Apple TV+

There are a handful of movies and shows coming soon to Apple TV+.

Black Bird, an upcoming six-part psychological thriller series, adapted from the James Keene and Hillel Levin true-crime memoir In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain, stars Taron Egerton as Jimmy Keene. A high-school football star who, in lieu of serving his full prison sentence, is tasked with eliciting a confession from a suspected murderer (played by Paul Walter Hauser) at a maximum security facility, Keene must play a deadly game of words to try to get the killer to admit the location of several victims. The first two episodes premiere July 8, with one new episode premiering each Friday.

Then there’s Killers of the Flower Moon (release date TBA), a Martin Scorsese adaptation that has long been in the works. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in leading roles, the film follows a series of murders that were carried out against the members of a wealthy Oklahoman Native American tribe in the 1920s.

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