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Peugeot’s haptic feedback mobile ad lets you feel engine vibrations on your phone

Peugeot 308 GTi
Image used with permission by copyright holder
When Nintendo released the Rumble Pak for the N64 in 1997, it brought a whole new level of immersion to the video game experience. With vibrations coming directly through the controller, the space battles of Star Fox and the gunfights of 007 Goldeneye felt a whole lot more real, and it’s that level of engagement that Peugeot is hoping to channel with its new smartphone advertisements.

To promote the new 308 GTi, the French carmaker has launched a mobile ad campaign that uses haptic feedback technology to simulate the vibrations of the car’s engine. Packaged alongside a high-definition video of the hot hatch, the ad sends pulses through the customer’s mobile when the car revs its engine or accelerates, something the brand says has never been done before in the automotive industry.

“This is an exciting moment for both Peugeot and mobile advertising,” said Joanne Ross, Communications Manager for the Peugeot 308. “We’re thrilled to have worked with OMD UK, Opera Mediaworks, and Immersion to become the first brand in the UK to put this exciting technology to use, providing consumers with a unique mobile ad experience. We have no doubt people will love the experience we are providing as we take mobile advertising to new heights.”

The ads are powered by a haptic technology called TouchSense Engage, produced by a company appropriately called Immersion. The campaign is only available for Android devices at this time, and can be experienced through Immersions Content Portal app on Google Play.

Speaking of the Peugeot 308, the manufacturer recently announced a 308-horsepower Racing Cup version, designed specifically for the track. With its six-piston brake calipers, sport-tuned adjustable suspension, and six-speed sequential gearbox, it’s quite a lot of car. Read more about the hot hatch here.

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