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Rolls-Royce launches a luggage set that costs more than a car

If news of a set of wheels from Rolls-Royce for under $50,000 makes you sit up and take notice, then you’ll be slumping back in your seat when you learn it’s actually for a set of luggage rather than a vehicle.

Aimed at globetrotting owners of the British-made luxury car, the newly launched six-piece luggage set will set you back a cool $46,000 – yes, you could buy a new car (or two) for that price.

Featuring carbon-fiber frames and hand-stitched leather, the swanky set comprises two Grand Tourer valises, three Long Weekender bags and one Garment Carrier, “meticulously designed to be housed in the luggage compartment of a Rolls-Royce Wraith,” the car maker says.

Keen to communicate the meticulous attention to detail that went into the set’s design, Rolls-Royce points out in wonderfully worded release notes that it “conversed with head butlers from some of the world’s most illustrious hotels” to gain insight “into the interaction between guests and their belongings.”

Whether that interaction involves expletives when the wheels appear to take control of themselves or red-faced rants when the zipper gets stuck on the corner as you try to close the darn thing isn’t clear, but the careful research has led to a set of luggage as stylish as it is functional.

The valises’ wheels have been “strategically placed,” Rolls-Royce says, and by that we guess it means “on the bottom of the case by the ground.” They’re described as “self-righting” for smooth operation, and, with the iconic “RR” emblem on each one, should elicit a few cries of, “Look, there’s a Rolls-Royce on the carousel!” from fellow travelers each time you’re waiting for your bags at the airport.

As for the all-important handles, they’ve been designed “to ensure an even weight distribution, meaning no undue pressure is placed on the hand,” a feature that should appeal to those of a particularly delicate disposition. They also feature “invisible stitching” for a smooth and tactile finish.

The Garment Carrier is supposed to comfortably hold “a gentleman’s shirt and tuxedo or a ladies gown,” while the Long Weekender bags feature nifty magnetic fastenings made from aerospace-grade aluminium.

Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös says the new luggage collection “demonstrates our designers’ commitment to Sir Henry Royce’s manifesto, ‘Take the best that exists, and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.'”

If your own luggage is looking a little tatty around the edges and you’ve $46,000 to drop on a replacement, you can order this luxury set now at your local Rolls-Royce dealership. Though we’ve heard Samsonite also makes some nice cases.

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