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No kickstand needed: The self-balancing GyroCycle will hit the streets in 2017

Motorcycles are about to take a big leap into the future. Thanks to a new prototype from Thrustcycle, self-stabilizing motorcycles could be cruising the streets in 2017.

The GyroCycle keeps upright by using internal flywheels to create a gyroscopic effect. While this is generally felt by every rider at higher speeds, the stabilization here will occur even while standing still. An added benefit from the same technology is that the bike will be less likely to lose traction and slide under itself during a turn. This grants the rider greater control and increased safety.

Self-balancing motorcycles could open up a new market for new and old riders alike. Those who are hopping on for the first time won’t have to learn how to balance such a heavy vehicle. Likewise, older riders often lack the strength to hold a motorcycle up. This has fueled much of the market for three-wheeled trikes. The GyroCycle would provide another alternative with a more traditional, two-wheel design.

Bumble Bee - Test GyroCycle

While Thrustcycle is aiming to bring the first gyroscopic motorcycle to market, this doesn’t mean it will be alone. Not too long ago, BMW unveiled its very own Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle. With either case, these new bikes are safer, cleaner, and quieter. The lack of a gas-powered motor will be a turn-off for some, but tech heads will love the futuristic look of these gyroscopic motorcycles.

Price is going to be a big issue with such high-tech vehicles. This is where the GyroCycle is likely to edge out the competition. No official price has been released yet, but Thrustcycle has suggested that the price will be under $20,000.

With multiple self-stabilizing motorcycles in development, it seems like we are getting one step closer to owning a Tron lightcycle. Someone just needs to get those Disney rights.

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