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Watch Tesla’s synchronized light show using five Cybertrucks

Cybertruck Light Show

Tesla has shared a video of five Cybertrucks performing a synchronized light show.

It’s not clear why the automaker has done this, but with the Cybertrucks’ frunks lit up red, and the vehicles front lights shining bright white, there’s a definite nod to the festive season here.

During the 100-second show, the lights flash and dim and pulsate in various coordinated patterns to a music track called The Arrival.

In a message accompanying the video, the automaker suggests getting five Tesla-owning friends together to perform the same show, though we’re betting that folks may have more important things to do, like watching TV.

“These five shows have been customized to show animations that are coordinated across five vehicles that combine to make a unique, unified show,” Tesla said.

The light display was designed by HVpad, an independent creator of custom light shows for Tesla vehicles, and it can be run on any Tesla vehicle that supports the light show feature. More information can be found on this GitHub page.

The Cybertruck light show comes less than a month after Tesla launched the all-electric pickup at a flashy event at Giga Texas in Austin, where Tesla chief Elon Musk presented the first buyers with the company’s latest vehicle.

Tesla unveiled the outlandishly designed Cybertruck in 2019 and wanted to get it on the road sooner, but a string of delays pushed the delivery date to last month. But even then, mass production of the vehicle isn’t expected until 2025.

In other Cybertruck news, Musk recently repeated his desire to offer a Cybertruck that can not only drive on roads, but also float on water. That’s right, he wants to give the Cybertruck duck boat powers.

In a post on social media earlier this week, Musk said that at some point, Tesla will “offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat,” adding: “Mostly just need to upgrade cabin door seals.”

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