14 million people downloaded Windows 10 on its first day, and it could have been higher

14 million day one windows 10 w10launch0
Within its first day of release, Microsoft’s Windows 10 has become one of the most quickly downloaded desktop operating systems in the world. Although still far behind its predecessors, in just one day it netted a full 14 million users, with many people taking advantage of the free upgrade which allows those with valid Windows 7 and 8 licenses to update to the new OS without charge.

This is a positive start for Microsoft, which has made a big drive to try and bring as many people on board with Windows 10 as possible. Not only has it made the upgrade as simple  as it can, but it’s been marketing the new OS heavily and even giving every Windows user a prompt in their taskbar to let them know that they can now update for free.

Fortunately for the software giant, reviews and consumer reports have been largely positive, with praise being heaped on the much more streamlined implementation of the Windows 8 tabs features, with the more traditional desktop experience.

The firm did what it could to push things along with big launch parties throughout the 29th held in Nairobi, London and New York, among other cities, as the midnight launch rolled around.

With all the hype there has been, there are now people that want to upgrade – but can’t yet. To avoid the problems faced by many big game makers and other online service providers, Microsoft has been rolling out the upgrade procedure to different territories on a staggered basis. This way those that can download it can do so at a reasonable speed.

Although Microsoft has said it wants to preserve the “quality of the upgrade experience,” it said in an update that it was pushing to make Windows 10 available to all those that reserved it within the next few days.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If so, what do you think?