Acer’s XB270 monitors are already top-notch, and they just got better

Rather than simply being satisfied with releasing one of our favorite 4K gaming monitors, Acer is rolling out a series of Predator gaming displays that one-up its own handiwork. The new lineup includes a pair of monitors, the XB271HU and XB271HK that improve on the performance and design of the non-gaming pair. The main change is a move to 165Hz from 144Hz, but they’ve both gotten a facelift as well.

The XB271HU is the upgraded version of the XB270HU, a 1440p panel with Nvidia’s G-Sync refresh management technology. The Predator XB271HU is built with a similar equipped panel, with 4ms response time, a stated sRGB gamut of 100 percent, and 350 nit maximum brightness. If it’s the same panel as the XB270HU, those quoted specs are actually right about on the money, according to our testing.

Up the resolution scale a bit further, the XB271HK offers 4K resolution with the same speedy 165Hz overclocked refresh rate, and G-Sync to help keep it smooth and tear-free. It also claims to cover 100 percent of the sRGB gamut, and boasts 300 nit brightness.

Both screens boast a wide array of Acer’s best monitor tech, including light boost to reduce flickering, Acer Eye to reduce blue light and eye strain, and a bevy of on-screen diagnostics and game-improving features.

Although the standard versions of both monitors already boast a sleek, glossy black bezel and solid, versatile stand, the Predator devices always carry a certain flair, and that’s true here too. The bezel on the sides has been reduced to almost nothing, for a more immersive experience that allows seamless play across multiple screens.

Both of the screens in the Acer Predator XB1 Series will be available in November, with the XB271HU costing $799, and the XB271HK costing $899. That’s the same MSRP as the XB270HU and XB270HK when they release, but the price has dropped about $200 on both of those panels at this point. If you’re thinking of a high-end gaming display to improve your experience, these are both solid offerings, even at the steep price point.

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