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Best Alienware 4th of July deals on gaming laptops and gaming PCs

A top down view of the Alienware m16 R2.
Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, is known for their gaming wares that have a special aesthetic while still giving great performances. For the 4th of July, Dell is having a sale on Alienware gaming laptops and some of the best prebuilt PCs for gamers. If you know the stats, specs, and features you want you can check out the deals directly by tapping the button below. Alternatively, read on to see our top five picks in the sale. Be sure to compare these with our lists of gaming PC 4th of July deals and gaming laptop 4th of July deals.

What to shop for in the Alienware 4th of July sale

We start with deals on the and . These two laptops have very similar constructions (the m16 has a 16-inch screen while the m18 has an 18-inch screen) and are both highly customizable, so it can be difficult to directly compare the two. The most prominent changes for the m18 over the m16 is it has a full keyboard with numpad, the ability to upgrade that keyboard to Alienware CherryMX mechanical style, and the capacity to upgrade all the way to an RTX 4090 (the m16’s max is a 4070). Check out our Alienware m16 review to get an idea of how it functions.

Next, we want to zero in on the and the . As with the previous pair of laptops, these two laptops are quite similar and it is the bigger one that gets the 4090 and the mechanical keyboard variant options. Both of the ‘x’ series laptops are tenkeyless. Our comparison of the m16 and x16 will give you a good idea at how the two series compare.

Finally, check out the , Alienware’s high-powered, RTX 4060 equipped desktop. In addition to the 4060, it has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Even if you are skeptical of prebuilt desktops, as many gamers are, you should check out our Alienware Aurora R16 review, which labels it as a “prebuilt worth buying.” It is also surprisingly nice to look at, for a desktop PC and all.

Of course, these are just our suggestions for what to look at. The full Alienware 4th of July PC and laptop sale is yours to peruse. Just tap the button below to start shopping for your ideal machine.

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