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Video, screenshots and leaks of Windows Build 10036 hit the Internet

Windows 10 March Technical Preview - Task View Window Drag Demo
As Microsoft enthusiasts await the release of Windows 10, a few hungry fans have been hunting for supposed evidence of the latest build. A new leaked video of what is rumored to be version number 10036 hit YouTube on March 12, and the Russian blog has posted alleged screenshots of it, too.

The video shows a new Task View feature that lets users drag-and-drop applications to open desktops. Such a feature would be useful for users who want to be able to easily move open apps between separate desktop environments.

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A supposed screenshot of 10036 also shows a new Wi-Fi selection window. In current builds, users need to click on the “Wi-Fi” option in the Actions center to make any changes. Version 10036 appears to quicken the process by allowing users to simply open a small window to make alterations.

There have also been leaks showing a semi-transparent Start menu. This appears to be a simple aesthetic change, and one that seems a bit odd. Transparency has never been a major element of Metro, but instead was a mainstay of the old Aero style popularized by Windows Vista and 7.

Microsoft has not released a new build as of late, which may be why people have become desperate for Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 has two public release channels, according to Ars Technica. One is for regular updates where features can be accessed sooner, but only by Microsoft testers, while the other is for slower updates, designed to be thoroughly tested and released to the public. Microsoft Operating Systems Group General Manager Gabe Aul tweeted on March 12 that the fast channel is going to speed up in the near future.

Aul also stated on the Windows blog earlier this week that not having a set release date for an upcoming build is helping the Microsoft team finish the projects faster. He cited the last build released in January as an example.

“It paid off,” he wrote. “We got a much fresher build out, with more features and fixes, and we were able to ship on 1/23 as we’d aspired.”

And with that, it seems that the public will need a bit more patience.

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