Amazon allows microtransactions in PC and Mac games

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Starting today, you’ll be able to buy in-app add-ons and virtual currencies if you play games downloaded from the Amazon Digital Games Store. The feature, previously only available for Android and Kindle Fire apps from the Amazon Appstore, is now also available for Mac and PC applications. 

Amazon announced the new service Wednesday, citing the company’s desire to make monetization easier as the reason to expand to platforms other than Android. “Game developers build games that are used across multiple platforms and mediums. In-App Purchasing for Mac, PC and Web-based games is our latest service that helps game developers grow their business and increase their customer-base,” said Amazon Games Director, Mike Frazzini. 

 So what does this new development mean for you? It’s easier for you to spend cash on in-app purchases and virtual merchandise or currency for Mac and PC. You can use your credit card, an Amazon gift card you might have received during the holidays, or Amazon promotional credits you might have amassed from past purchases. The Amazon Digital Games Store has roughly 3,000 games ready for download.