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Will Apple release MacOS 11 or 10.13? We’ll have to wait to find out

apple might release macos 11 at wwdc 2017 2016 cook
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 is officially on the calendar, taking place in San Jose, California on June 5 to June 9. There, Apple makes its most important iOS and MacOS announcements, including giving the newest versions their names and numbers.

This year, some speculation suggested Apple might move on from MacOS 10.X, releasing a new MacOS 11 to go along with iOS 11. If some obscure web information is to be believed, however, that is not exactly likely to be the case, 9to5Mac reports.

Whenever the industry is wondering about a company’s upcoming plans, there are a few places that people look to find clues. One place is the web, where pages and placeholders are sometimes published that inadvertently give hints as to what is coming.


One example is a recently published reference that is part of a “CatalogURL,” or a page that lists a variety of information on available or upcoming products and services. In Apple’s case, a recent CatalogURL includes a reference to MacOS 10.13, which would be the next step after MacOS 10.12, known as Sierra.

If that listing holds true, then we’re not like to see MacOS 11 makes its way in 2017. There is no guarantee that this will happen, however, and if Apple keeps MacOS at version 10, then it would be giving up the chance to release MacOS 11 and iOS 11 simultaneously.

9to5Mac indicates that they’ve seen both MacOS 11 and MacOS 10.13 machines hit their site over the previous few months, and so this might remain a question mark for the foreseeable future. Of course, we don’t have that long to wait until WWDC 2017, at which point all of the relevant Apple questions will be officially answered.

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