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Barnes & Noble offers free books and magazines for downloading its Windows 8 Nook app

Nook-Windows-8-TabletDo you own a Windows 8 device? Are you an avid reader, looking to save a few bucks? Well you’re in luck. Barnes & Noble, looking to provide a boost in sales via its Nook app on the platform, is now offering ten free downloads if they download the app, according to a report by Business Wire.

Barnes & Noble has a history of giving away freebies, like the other current offer that gives customers a free e-reader with the purchase of a tablet. But this one makes particular sense, since Microsoft has a partial ownership of Nook Media LLC, a subdivision of Barnes & Noble, so the promotion also benefits the leading computing manufacturer.

You will be able to choose five books from a selection of a best-selling list, along with five issue from a short list of magazines: Food Network Magazine, GQ, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple, and Time.

Once you’ve logged into your Barnes & Noble account, just need to navigate to the “Popular Lists” section of the app. From there, the freebies are listed under the “Welcome Offer” sub-section. But be forewarned: you’ll need to act fast, as some of the titles are available in limited quantities. Life of Pi, for example, will disappear after the first 100,000 downloads.

Those who don’t yet have a Nook account can also log in and pay with a Microsoft account.

“Nook is the highest-rated reading and digital bookstore app for Windows 8, and by providing bestselling books and top magazines for free, new Nook customers can start their digital libraries with some of the best content in the expansive NOOK store,” said Jamie Iannone, president of digital products at Nook Media.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to get to downloading before our top picks are swiped.

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