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Best webcam covers for 2020

Computer privacy is no joke, especially when hacking attempts can take control over your built-in webcam and even turn it on without your permission. It’s a fairly common tactic for ransomware and other malware, but the webcam on your desktop or laptop usually doesn’t have a physical cover to help protect against these things. Phone and tablet cameras may be similarly at risk.

A great solution to that problem is a small webcam cover that can physically block your >camera lens> and then safely uncover when necessary for video chats (while you use some trustworthy antivirus software for additional protection). But quality and compatibility are very important for these covers, which is why we’re picking out the best ones, starting with the excellent Cimkiz pack.>

>Note: These covers don’t work on pop-up webcams – but then, a pop-up cam takes care of the problem by itself. You can also check out our favorite external webcams, which usually come with their own built-in cover options. >>

Cimkiz WB01 and WB02 Cover 6 Pack

These little covers have particularly durable adhesive that’s still designed to peel off if necessary, but keeps a firm bond for the long term and is designed for desktops, laptops, phones and more. We also really like that the pack comes with two different color options, dark and silver, for better matching a variety of computer models. They are also quite thin for covers, only 0.027 inches thick, which helps keep webcam quality high and enables laptops to fully close without problems.>

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Trobing Webcam Cover 5 Pack

We like this matte gray Trobing cover for one reason in particular: It comes with minimalistic little troughs in the slider that all for easier gripping. So many webcam covers skip this important step, and are therefore difficult to shut unless you have sturdy fingers – and this in turn raises the chances of accidentally peeling off the cover. Trobing fixes this problem by making it easy to generate a little friction. While it’s not as thin as our top pick, the covers are only 0.03 inches thick, so they shouldn’t get in the way no matter what device you use them on.>

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Targus Spy Guard

If durability is your primary concern, this Targus cover is built for extra solid, reliable protection. It also has a unique design that makes the cover very easy to operate without fear of accidentally tearing it off or having it slide open again without you noticing. The cover comes in one, two, or three packs – and the three-pack model has three different colors in it so you can mix and match depending on device color. At 0.05 inches, it’s not especially thin, but a great pick if you are more interested in tough protect.>

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Cooloo Webcam Cover 6 Pack

Cooloo’s no-nonsense pack is a great choice for offices that want to distribute a lot of simple webcam covers in a hurry. Despite the basic design, there are a couple of things we really appreciate about Cooloo’s covers. First, they’re just as thin as our top pick at 0.027 inches, so they’re not going to get in the way of anything. Second, they are available in a variety of color patterns, including black, silver, and options with red highlights that makes it easy to see at a glance in the cover is on or off.>

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Supcase Webcam cover 6 pack

Supcase’s excellent covers have a roughened pattern on the front for easier opening and shitting, and a fully layer of adhesive tape for extra-firm bonding. While they aren’t as subtle as some other covers, they get points for usability – and they come in two different sizes in the pack, which is great. Too often users get webcam covers and find they don’t quite fit the lens of their latest phone or laptop, and having multiple sizes makes this less likely.>

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camJAMR  Online Privacy Stickers

If a slider cover isn’t really what you need, take a look at these privacy stickers. They come in a lot of fun sizes and designs, and are made to stick over your webcam for long periods of protection. However, the adhesive used is designed to help stick and unstick up to hundreds of times if necessary, so you can easily peel them off when necessary. It may not be the best solution if you’re using your webcam every day, but it’s a very nice option if you go for more extended periods of time without needing a cam.>

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