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Bionik accessories improve Switch battery life, charging, internet access

Bionik has debuted a number of accessories for the Nintendo Switch that will augment and improve its battery life, charging, and internet access. Along with charge stations and battery packs, its Switch accessories also include a “Giganet,” adapter, which makes the Switch compatible with an Ethernet connection.

Previous Bionik accessories include replacement face plates for virtual reality headsets and new types of controllers for the Xbox One and PS4. Just a few months on from the Nintendo Switch’s release, Bionik has a number of new ways for fans of the new console to augment its abilities. With its dual home and portable console design, a big focus in Bionik’s new line up is in improving its charging and battery life capabilities.

The first two accessories Bionik is offering are the Power Plate and Power Plate Duo, which act as battery packs for not only the Switch itself, but both of the Joy-Con controllers. The big difference between the two is that the Duo offers twice the capacity of the former, though the Power Plate itself has enough power to recharge the Switch entirely, or the Joy-Cons more than three times.

The Power Plate and Power Plate Duo have been priced at $50 and $70, respectively.

If you don’t need something hefty enough to charge the Switch itself, and just want a charging station for the Joy-Cons, the Tetra offers just that in a tower design that can charge four Joy-Cons at once. It also comes with a reduced price tag of just $25.

Elsewhere in the Bionik range, the Lynx is a highly-durable, USB Type-A to Type-C cable designed to make charging and playing at the same time easier. At 6 feet in length, you can even do so at a reasonable distance from the charger. When it goes on sale, it will cost $15.

The Switch Rapid Charge Kit is compatible with a variety of voltage outputs and lets you charge your Switch on the modern USB standard. It comes with its own charging cable and will be priced at $25.

The final accessory Bionik announced ahead of debuting them all at E3 in the coming week is its Giganet Adapter. For $25, it adds an Ethernet port to the Switch, giving users the option of a wired internet connection for the console.

If you’re attending E3 next week, you can find these accessories and more in the West Hall at Bionik’s booth alongside other accessories for the Xbox One, PS4 and VR.

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