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Splatoon 3 players: You need to download the Nintendo Switch Online app

Splatoon 3 just wrapped up its launch weekend, with players flooding into Inkopolis to live the life of a kid-squid. If you’re one of those players, there’s a handy companion you’re going to want to bring along to the Turf War: the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Nintendo’s historically under-supported mobile app is primarily used as a tool for players who want to use voice chat in games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. For Splatoon 3, however, it has several other purposes — some of which allow players to earn exclusive gear not found in the game itself.

When you load up Splatnet 3 within the Switch Online app, the first thing you’ll see is a button that says SplatNet Shop. This digital storefront allows players to spend their coins on a rotating collection of gear. Specifically, the app features fashion line “drops,” where a specific brand collection will drop. At the time of writing, the app features Takoroka gear, a set that includes a black and purple visor with four perk slots.

There’s also some app-exclusive gear available through the Wandercrust option. The app (within an app, within an app) is a travel blog for series veteran Crusty Sean as he travels around the world. This is essentially a sub-quest where players can donate their ink points to him and receive some wallpapers and Tableturf Battle card sleeves for their troubles. Completing the donation goal will award players with Crusty Sean’s cap.  The app implies that this is the first of many journeys, so you won’t want to miss out on a chance to get Sean’s gear.

There are plenty of other reasons to use the app. It allows players to manage their freshest fits, see their weapon stats, revisit match history, view replays, and see the upcoming reset schedule. It’s also seemingly the only place to actually see what’s featured in the game’s battle pass-equivalent catalog. Did you know, for instance, that tier 100 rewards you with headgear that’s three sunglasses stacked on top of one another?

While the Nintendo Switch Online app has been a long-running joke for fans, this is the one time you’ll actually want to use it. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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