Chrome’s Market Share Dwindles

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Just after Google launched its Chrome browser, NetApplications measured its market share a 1.16%. By last Saturday that had dwindled to 0.81%, E-Commerce Times reported.

That’s not too surprising, given that the curious downloaded it and gave it a few road tests before returning to their own browser. But that doesn’t mean Chrome is dead in the water, by any means.

Grail Research conducted a survey on Chrome during its first month, and Kristin Coffin, client service officer, told LinuxInsider:

"Most users have had a good initial experience with Chrome. There are some things that could be improved, and many are uncomfortable with the privacy issues."

There are a number of features that users would like to see addressed in Chrome 2.0, whenever it appears. But this is Google, so don’t consign Chrome to the garbage can yet; after all, the company has a lot riding on this offering.