ClickFree Transformer Uses Any USB Drive

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Storage Appliance Corporation has been marketing ClickFree backup drives for a while: the basic idea is that users plug in the drives just like any USB device and like magic—no software, applications, configuration, or menu-surfing involved—the device automatically backs up your files. ClickFree has been offering backup drives with capacities ranging from 120 to 500 GB along with DVD-based backup, but now at CES the company is unveiling its new “Transformer Cable,” a USB device that enables users to convert any USB hard drive into a ClickFree backup device.

“Regardless of what the competition claims, our new Clickfree Transformer Cable is the only way to make a regular external hard drive easy to use, requiring no software or configuration, and immediately backing up everything that matters from your computer’s hard drive,” said Storage Appliance CEO Bryan McLeod, in a statement. “The Transformer Cable works with any manufacturer’s USB external hard drive to deliver automatic, no-click backing up. Finally, you can stop avoiding backup because it was too much trouble!”

The Transformer Cable setup is simple: plug it into a computer’s USB port, then connect another manufacturer’s hard drive to the Transformer Cable: the drive is immediately available as a hassle free backup device. The ClickFree backup method is not without its drawbacks: it’s been known to set off antivirus software as it scans a computer for documents, photos, media, and other data, and the system does not back up programs or system files—so if your hard drive really does go down, users will have a lot of re-installation and reconfiguration to do. ClickFree also works only with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista—if you run a Mac (or older versions of Windows), ClickFree isn’t for you.

The ClickFree Transformer Cable is available now for $59.99.