Digital camera trends from CES 2011

While it’s not known for revolutionizing digital photography, CES still puts on a good show. This year, we of course saw various upgrades and slightly altered models introduced by major manufacturers, but a few distinct trends stood out to us. We’re willing to bet you’ll be seeing these in the coming year.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH5CES has nearly become synonymous with 3D, and in the last couple years digital cameras have been no exception.  This year, we saw the group expand to include more affordable models targeting the family-oriented photographer. Sony showed off its compact point-and-shoots at all price levels, which now include the ability to shoot 3D stills. We’re seeing quite a few manufacturers plug the idea of shooting your own content for viewing on your 3D-capable TV, at least until content providers catch up. Panasonic followed suit with two new 3D-capable Lumix models that will launch this spring.

Built-in filters and HDR imaging

hdr imagingAs the digital photographer becomes more sophisticated and technology more user-friendly, users want more control over their images. We saw a variety of cameras of all skill-levels that met this demand, including models from Casio. In addition to adding multiple new devices to its lineup, Casio unveiled Imaging Square, an online gallery space for extremely simple photo editing. Pre-installed application for HDR imaging filters are also included in Casio models, including the TRYX. Canon’s updated PowerShot A-series is another lineup that comes complete with improved filters, like Toy Camera and Pinhole effects.

Stylish bodies

x100 sideWhat’s on the inside is infinitely more important, and of course this applies to your digital camera. Even still, we saw a number of eye-catching designs that could sway some aesthetically-minded photographers. Olympus unveiled its EPL2, and like the camera’s predecessor, it comes in a variety of colors and has a trendy grip on its face. Fuji went the full nine yards with its impressive FinePix X100, outfitted in full vintage getup. Not to be forgotten is Polaroid’s sleek GL30, the long-coming addition to the instant-print line (although it includes digital options as well).


EasyShare TouchMore and more digital cameras we saw this year included an auto-share option for immediately uploading content to social media sites. Kodak’s new EasyShare line in particular focused on the Facebook-friendly application by including a dedicated share button for showing off stills and video online. Fuji’s latest model in its Z-series, the Z90, now also includes an auto-share option, the only major update from its predecessor, the Z70.