Eyes On: Samsung shows off its new HD monitors at CES

eyes on samsung shows off its new monitors at ces series 7 sc770

After we finished ogling Samsung’s new Series 7 Ultra and Series 7 Chronos at CES, we took a stroll down monitor lane to take a look at the company’s new offerings. Particularly interesting were the Series 7 Touch SC770 monitor and the Series 7 SC750. Touch monitors are nice for those who happen to have non-touch Windows 8 laptops, and we went eyes-on to get a closer look at Samsung’s new touch models.

eyes on samsung shows off its new monitors at ces series 7 sc770

The SC770 has up to 10 points of simultaneous multitouch that lets users drag, rotate, or select objects on the monitor with their fingers. Its 1920×1080 display with a 5000:1 contrast ration looked vibrant, clear, and bright on the show floor. The 27-inch monitor has a 178-degree viewing angle, which is important since the SC770 can tilt up to 60 degrees. We found it easy to move the monitor from its upright position to its tilted position, which made typing on its built-in keyboard a snap.

eyes on samsung shows off its new monitors at ces series 7 sc770 2

Though it’s not glaringly obvious, we noticed that the monitor has a somewhat clunky wedge shape, becoming thicker on the bottom. Although that doesn’t make it the sleekest looking monitor, we noted it to be very sturdy without much flex when using the touchscreen.  A 24-inch model will also be available, although there’s no pricing available yet. 

eyes on samsung shows off its new monitors at ces p1080485

At first glance, the Series 7 SC750 looks similar to the SC770. However, the SC750 actually can be rotated 90 degrees, changing it from landscape to portrait mode. In its vertical mode, the monitor is great for surfing the Web and viewing documents. We could definitely see it coming in handy for needing to review notes while writing, or being able to view an entire webpage without having to constantly scroll through the content. Like the SC770, the SC750 has a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, which is five times that of a standard monitor. 

Both monitors look fantastic, but the SC750, which uses wide viewing angles and has 300 c/m2 brightness, looks a bit brighter. That said, the rotating monitor doesn’t feature touch, so you basically have two choices here: A 90-degree rotating monitor, or a 60-degree tilting touch monitor. Both are beautiful, and will be available in the first quarter of 2013.