Google vs. Bing experiment: Half of search results are identical

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Word: arpu

4 out of 10 identical results. This is a common acronym in the mobile industry. It means “average revenue per user.” Apparently, it can also refer to the American Racing Pigeon Union. I didn’t know pigeons were allowed to organize.

google vs bing experiment half of search results are identical comparison word arpu

Word: best search engine

5 out of 10 results were identical. You be the judge here. Most interesting to me: Bing and Google advertise on one another.


Word: Digital Trends

5 out of 10 results were identical. To kick things off, I vainly searched our own site up on both search engines. The correlations are largely explainable.


Word: “park place”

5 out of 10 results were identical. I wanted to search with quotes and a place. Monopoly came to mind. These results are strangely similar.

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