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Groupon may be coming to a cash register near you

groupon buttonIf it weren’t already clear that the lines between e-commerce and physical vendors were blurring, it should be now. Daily deals site Groupon is reportedly in talks with cash register manufacturers to develop machines with Groupon buttons in place.

According to Bloomberg, Groupon has met with various electronic-payment system companies (including Verifone Systems – the second largest manufacturer in the industry) and believes adding the designated online coupon button would make transactions quicker and easier to cashiers and customers alike. Groupon president Rob Solomon even tells Bloomberg that the wheels are in motion and the company will begin testing the feature on cash registers, although he refrained from saying when that would begin. “We are in an evaluation mode. Test and learn is the best way to do this,” Solomon says.

While a Groupon button would increase vendor and patron convenience, there’s a much more crucial effect of the hardware upgrade. As Groupon continues to grow and gain subscribers, so have reports about businesses ill-equipped to meet the demands of customers bearing discounts from the daily deals site. Especially small businesses have had trouble not only with the influx of customers but with processing the discounts correctly. Streamlining the entire thing could help alleviate this issue, and of course there are larger benefits for Groupon. By being pre-programmed into the cash registers of local businesses, it could become the daily deal site of choice for these merchants to turn to when they offer the digitally circulated discounts. And of course, cautious business owners who have yet to explore this arena might be more tempted seeing a designated Groupon button right at home on their in-store registers.

The market is quickly becoming crowded: LivingSocial is very ably challenging Groupon, and now every content site under the sun is creating its very own clone. If Groupon is able to secure an exclusive spot on the registers of local businesses it would give itself an advantage over the competition.

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Right after confirming it raised a record-setting $950 million, Groupon is reportedly mulling over the decision to go IPO this spring. According to insiders, the daily deals site is in talks with security firms to manage the sale, and valuation numbers as high as $15 billion are being thrown around.

Groupon recently spurned a buyout offer from Google of $6 billion. CEO Andrew Mason was reportedly concerned over the effect the buyout would have on morale, as well as Groupon’s relationships with vendors. Even still, the rejection was met with some heavy criticism. Rival deal sites like LivingSocial were ramping up their worth and market saturation, and Google was offering unforeseen amounts to buy Groupon out. It turns out that was a smart decision: After its latest round of funding, the company is speculated to be taking home an annual revenue of $1 billion, and would see its worth skyrocket by becoming an IPO. The New York Times reported that “dizzying” numbers up to $15 billion were pitched during meetings, but CNBC’s report ballparked it at a more conservative $1 to $1.5 billion. Either way, a tech startup taking home this kind of cash for going public is nearly unheard of.

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Back in September, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason and Google M&A lead Neeraj Arora had an intriguing back and forth on Twitter. The thread included a cryptic note about "hard" work from Mason, and a vague congratulations from Arora. This hardly seemed indicative of anything, until now, as rumors are wildly pointing to a Google-Groupon acquisition that has been in talks for some time.

VatorNews is reporting, based on an anonymous insider source, that the Mountain View company bought the daily deals site for $2.5 billion, which is significantly less than initial speculation concerning the buy out.

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