Fans are so 2014 — this enclosure uses heatpipes to cool your PC

Sure, computers need to stay cool, but aren’t fans starting to seem a little archaic? In 2015, it feels like we can come up with something a bit more modern to chill our components, especially in cases designed for home theater PC use. That’s what HDPlex is shooting for with a new and improved H5 case that boasts 16 heatpipes for thermal transfer, according to a report from Fanless Tech.

The case takes a different form factor than your standard tower, with a flat, wide shape that looks more like a large amplifier. Inside, the motherboard sits on risers with ventilation holes underneath that effectively form a wind tunnel. Instead of strapping a large fan to your CPU, eight heatpipes carry heat from a passive cooler to the sides of the chassis to vent. Those heatpipes are able to effectively cool processors with up to a 95W TDP, which includes the brand new Intel Core i7-6700K.

Just because it lacks fans doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your other components. In fact, the HDPlex H5 has enough room for a dual-slot PCIe card, which means a full-length graphics card. If you want to go even more fanless, the second set of eight heatpipes acts as a passive cooler for your video card as well. If that means you need a bit more juice, the H5 supports full-sized ATX power supplies as well. The two included racks each hold a pair of 2.5-inch SSDs, and one 3.5-inch drive, plus a second rack set holds a 5.25-inch drive bay or hotswap cage, and there’s a 12.7mm optical slot if that’s more your style.

On top of a impressive feature set, the H5 has a swivel-open faceplate for easy access, and a touch sensitive power button in the middle of the attractive exterior. There’s no release date or price yet, but the case should come in at under $300, and will have a number of color and design options when it does hit HDPlex’s site.


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