Top 17-inch laptop bags for gamers, professionals and photographers

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Do you have an extra-large laptop you need to take with you? Sometimes size really does matter, and if you are a photographer, business professional or gamer on the go, you may be looking for options for your 17-inch laptop in a sea of tiny 15-inch cases. No worry, we’ve rustled up the best 17-inch laptop bags, packs and cases around to store your desktop-replacement for every type of travel.

Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag

Chrome Industries

If you have to tote around a massive laptop, it’s nice to look as cool as possible while doing it. Chrome Industries tries hard with this Citizen Messenger Bag, which looks like a casual over-the-shoulder carry bag, only updated with some extra size so you can fit your 17-incher inside. The design is definitely more trendy than professional and would look better on the campus grounds than in the business meeting. The bag is available in several different color schemes and is priced at $126, which you will find is a pretty standard price for these big laptop bags.

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Asus ROG Nomad Backpack


While the Citizen bag is trendy for many casual locations, this Asus bag is designed strictly with school or backpacking in mind, and specifically for gamers who need to carry their heavy-duty systems around. It is also made to look like a “gladiator’s helmet” which, well…judge for yourself on that count. However, the rugged design is handy, and there are lots of dedicated pockets for headsets, adapters, USBs, mice, water bottles, keyboards, and other odds and ends that gamers may need on the go, making this a very complete package.

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Case Logic Laptop and Tablet Briefcase

Case Logic

There actually quite a few Case Logic cases that fit the larger class of laptop – more than most other brands. But this particular case gets recognition for combining enough room for a 17.3-inch laptop with an extra pocket for your tablet computer, along with a few other odds and ends. It’s a nondescript, versatile case that, in addition to being big, is made for pretty much any purpose, from business to travel. Case Logic also has some of the least expensive cases available, and you can get this one for only $32, a pretty great deal.

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Booq Cobra Pack


If you are looking for a bit more stylish options that those you have seen so far, take a look at this Cobra pack from Booq. This is really more of a fully on carry-on/back pack than a mere laptop case, with plenty of room for art supplies books, and a variety of odds and ends. The laptop pocket can fit 15 to 17-inch laptops with no trouble. The outside is covered with ballistic nylon covered in a waterproof coating for some extra durability. However, you’ll need to pay for Cobra laptop bags. Prices start at $295.

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Everki Advance


Everki is all about productivity and usability, and this simple briefcase is an excellent choice for all kinds of work or play environments. Everything about it is no-nonsense, and it’s big enough to carry 18.4-inch laptops if necessary. The laptop compartment is a top-loading, padded option, and the briefcase includes a removable shoulder strap as well as a trolley handle pass-through. The lifetime warranty is pretty nice, too. Plus, the price is very affordable at $44.

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Chrome Industries Citadel Laptop Backpack

Chrome Industries

The Citadel backpack is much more rugged than the previous Chrome entry on the list. This is an ideal backpack for serious travelers: If you find yourself lugging a large laptop along on camping trips, outdoor building projects, overseas for business weekends, and other rough-and-tumble places, this may be the bag for you. The main compartment is “welded-waterproof” and Chrome suggests using it for cold beer or dry clothes, depending on your preference. The laptop case itself has a PU water-restistant zip-around feature. There are also several inside pockets for protection. You can get one for around $80 to $180, based on deals.

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McKlein Damen 80715


The name sounds like something James Bond would use, and we have to admit, this is a seriously classy laptop case for those who want to make a real statement on their travels. And “travels” is an operative word, too – no backpacking around campus for this suitcase, with its built-in wheels and extendable towing handle. The suitcase material is made from soft, plushy “cowhide leather” material. The laptop case itself includes a foam-protected compartment to minimize shock. This may all sound expensive, but thanks to price reductions you can find one for $180.

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Solarri Photon


If you are looking for more indie, environmentally-friendly laptop bags, then take a look at the Photon. It uses a bank of solar cells on the sides to charge laptops of all sizes. Leave it against a bench or by your chair (well, don’t leave it unattended, obviously) and it will turn sunlight into a battery charge for the case’s battery pack, which can then charge your laptop, enough power for around 3 hours. However, Solarri is definitely not mainstream and doesn’t appear to offer the same quality as other brands. Also the price is set at $475, so you’ll need to charge often to recoup your upfront costs.

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Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (TSA-Friendly)


This casual laptop bag is designed for ease of use…for both you and TSA agents. If you find yourself heading through airports frequently, then this could help you save time for your larger laptops. There’s a compliant external compartment that quickly unzips and lies flat for some swift inspection without the need to fully remove your laptop, and a waterproof liner for some adding weather protection, too. Otherwise this bag is pretty bare bones but it gets the job done: Make sure you spring for the large version to fit your 17-inch laptops.

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Solo Classic 17-inch Attaché


Have you been unimpressed by the laptop cases on this list? Have they all disappointed you in terms of class, professionalism, or pizzazz? Then here’s a case just for you: The Solo 17.3-inch Laptop Attaché. It’s silvery (but also comes in black), it has combination locks, and it makes you look like you are carrying important documents from the FBI. There’s not much inside except for a few pockets and room for your laptop and adapter, but room isn’t the point: If you like this case, you just want something to show off in the board room. Plus, the price is an affordable $49.

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Royce Laptop Briefcase


If you sneered a bit at the Solo Attaché case and thought, “Too shiny, too cheap,” then your refined tastes will appreciate this high-end leather briefcase designed to house your laptop like the important piece of electronic craftsmanship it is. It offers genuine leather in a couple different colors, extra padding for laptop protection, and two front pockets for papers and other important options, as well as a cell phone pocket, pen loops, and business card pockets. You may have to pay for luxury, though: Ordinarily this case costs around $400, but deals on specific colors can bring that down to $200 in some cases.

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Boblbee W-17


The name sounds a little quirky, but this is a great well-rounded laptop bag to carry around. It has a slick style that makes it look hip and at home in any casual setting plus quite a few business settings, along with a white/gray/black color choice. There are pockets for cameras, cables and chargers for professional photographers and others who may need the pack. It houses a lacquered ABS shell with neoprene handles and shoulder strap. You can get one for around $229.

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