Hidden YouTube Easter Egg Lets You Play Snake Arcade Game

hidden youtube easter egg lets you play snake arcade gam logo 2

No one is really sure where this came from or how it began, but a newly discovered Easter Egg on YouTube will allow you to play the game of Snake while watching videos on the gaming channel of You Tube.

Kotaku was the first to catch the Easter Egg thanks to a tip from a commenter. To access the game, you simply need to choose a game in the gaming category, allow it to fully load, and then hold down the left arrow key. Once it loads, the game is easy enough: just maneuver the snake over the flashing dots to increase its length. It is a simple, and yet wildly addictive game.

The game must be accessed on YouTube’s page (not via embedded videos).  Simply let a video in the gaming channel load for a few seconds, then hold left.  You do not need to hold pause.

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