How to watch the Oculus Connect 2 keynote and press conference

Gamers, tech aficionados, VR evangelists, and many others are sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting Oculus’ September 24 keynote presentations at the Dolby Theatre, ready to learn what we can expect from the future of this much anticipated new form of interactive technology. Whether you’re a VR convert or just curious, tomorrow is sure to bring some interesting news. But unless you’re attending this week’s Oculus Connect 2 event, you may be wondering how you can catch these keynotes.

Appropriately, one of the ways is by using CONVRGE, a VR program that allows users to hangout in virtual spaces, and “attend” events in person. The keynotes will be available through CONVRGE, so you can be at the event in person, from the comfort of your home – as long as you own a VR headset, that is. You can download the software from the CONVRGE website.

Fortunately, if you’re without a VR headset, there is more traditional way of watching the keynotes. The firm’s channel will be livestreaming the keynotes, which we’ve embedded below for easy access. In addition, we’ve also given an easy rundown of the conference schedule. This schedule is also available on the Oculus Connect 2 website, and via smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices.

Oculus has promised to deliver three separate presentations that will cover numerous aspects of its VR technology, and future plans.

Keynote Time Duration
Keynote with Brendan Iribe on the latest new for the Rift and Samsung VR headsets, and Touch controller. 10am Pacific 60 min
Keynote with Michael Abrash on current projects in development at Oculus. 11am Pacific 30 min
Keynote with John Carmack covering technical details, and Oculus’ plans for the future of mobile VR. 1pm Pacific 60 min