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Best Oculus Quest 2 deals for March 2022

If you’re looking to snap up one of the latest VR headsets — the Oculus Quest 2 (recently rebranded to Meta Quest 2) — we’ve got the deal for you. It’s the best way to enjoy VR gaming and experiences in the comfort of your own home and now is the perfect time to buy an Oculus Quest 2. Read on while we tell you all about it.

Today’s best Oculus Quest 2 deal

A person wearing and using an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset in front of a gray background.

Right now, if you buy an Oculus Quest 2, you can get $10 off a Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery. The ergonomic strap gives you enhanced comfort and battery life, all in one neat package.

That’s because its strap helps you increase balance and support while you use it, all thanks to a quick twist of the fit wheel. In conjunction, it has a built-in battery that doubles your playing time. No one wants to be let down by a low charge just as you want to play your favorite game so this extra strap means you can enjoy gaming for even longer.

The premium head strap is easy to attach to your VR headset as it replaces the existing standard soft strap. From there, you get enhanced weight distribution as it acts as a counter-balance to the headset. Plus, you get up to two hours of additional playtime due to the extra battery. It’s the kind of accessory that you’ll soon wonder how you lived without as it really makes a big difference while you play and use your Oculus Quest 2.

Ordinarily priced at $109, the strap is down to just $99 when you buy an Oculus Quest 2 starting from just $299. From just under $400, you can enjoy all the benefits of an Oculus Quest 2 with the additional benefit of stronger battery life than before too. It’s a really great deal on a hugely popular VR headset. If you thought games felt realistic thanks to superior graphics these days, wait until you see how much better it is when you’re part of a truly immersive experience.

Should you buy the Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2’s predecessor, the Oculus Quest, easily won in our best VR headsets round-up thanks to working so well and being so easy to get into. The Oculus Quest 2 builds upon that success and has easily dominated among Steam users in recent times thanks to its high quality.

It’s worth learning a little about how VR works but, really, the Oculus Quest 2 is so simple to get to grips with, you can dive right in. Designed to be simple to set up and use, all you really need is some free space and a good quality PC to hook it up to.

The Oculus Quest 2 is far better than its predecessor. It has a higher resolution display with 50% more pixels at 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye. Its display is a single LCD that allows for super high resolutions which means better visuals. It also supports 90Hz refresh rates so it looks silky smooth to use. That should particularly help anyone who has suffered from motion sickness or similar physical issues when using a VR headset in the past.

Inside the headset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform with 6GB of memory so it’s able to cope with a lot. Despite packing so much hardware in, it’s actually smaller and 10% lighter than the previous headset so it’s great for wearing for extended periods. It comes with a soft strap and is fully wireless so you won’t feel limited in any way. It also has adjustable optics so you can get things tweaked just how you like them. Besides the headset, you get touch controllers that provide great ergonomics and feel good in your hands.

The headset also has a built-in system-level fitness tracker. Through it, it is able to track how much exercise you’re getting while you play games using the headset. An extra feature on the dashboard called Oculus Move also helps you set VR fitness goals while letting you track your movements across different games and apps.

The Oculus Quest 2 isn’t just about fun. It’s also about getting you fitter and healthier without leaving your home. Ultimately though, even getting fitter is fun when you’re in the world of VR via an Oculus Quest 2.

If you’re serious about VR gaming, the Oculus Quest 2 is the VR headset you need. It makes games more fun, allows you to participate in live concerts, burn calories from home, or even just watch a film with your buddies even though they don’t live nearby. The term game changer is thrown around a lot but when it comes to VR technology, it’s the ideal term here. Feeling more free thanks to not having any wires to contend with ensures the Oculus Quest 2 is the VR headset you’ve always dreamt of.

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