Logitech unveils stylish Ultrathin Touch Mouse for PC and Mac

logitech unveils stylish ultrathin touch mouse for pc and mac 1

If that bulge in your laptop bag isn’t because your computer’s pleased to see you but instead the result of having to carry around a big bulky mouse, then Logitech’s new Ultrathin Touch Mouse may be of interest.

As its name suggests, it’s thin (ultra-thin, actually), with a design aimed at matching the style of Ultrabooks and Apple’s laptops.

The look of the brushed aluminum device will remind some of Apple’s Magic Mouse, and like the Magic Mouse, it also supports touch gestures – nine different ones, to be precise.

logitech ultrathin touch mouse 2Using Bluetooth with Logitech’s Easy-Switch Technology, users need only flip a switch on the underside of the mouse to change connectivity between between a laptop, desktop or tablet.

Powering up the mouse appears to be a straightforward and efficient process, too, with Logitech claiming a one-minute charge via USB will give you an hour’s use.

Available in black and white, the striking slim design could appeal to style-conscious cafe-based computer users reluctant to pull their existing jumbo-sized mouse from their bag.

Keen to get your hand(s) on the new wedge-shaped device? Consumers in the US and Europe can pick up a PC-compatible Ultrathin Touch Mouse this month for $70, while Mac users will need to wait till November. You can also pre-order it.

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