Major Aol Mail revamp coming on Sunday

Aol MailAol has confirmed it will be relaunching its email service this weekend, and yes, the company is fully aware of the timing (that whole Project Titan thing?).

Touting itself as the fourth most popular e-mail provider (which Compete’s most recent numbers seem to contradict), Aol announced via its tech site TechCrunch that the service was coming Sunday afternoon, but released few other details. However, Aol Mail’s speed and domain name customizations will be getting a tune up.

Despite the hype (and what almost feels like anxiety) surrounding Facebook’s move to e-mail, Aol is probably right to update its system now. A report today found that Gmail’s presence isn’t as dominant as you might think, and with Aol’s recent makeover, it’s fitting the email service gets the treatment as well.

If you’re an Aol Mail user, let us know what you think of the upgrades come Sunday.

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