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A new Cloud Download feature could change the way you reinstall Windows 10

windows 10 october update

Microsoft could be working on an internet recovery feature for Windows 10, according to a tweet from well-known leaker WalkingCat. Such a feature would make it much easier to reinstall Windows in the event of operating system failures, eliminating the need to manually use a recovery image on a USB stick or DVD.

Though the feature has not officially been mentioned by Microsoft, WalkingCat believes it could come as part of the Windows Insider Fast Ring build, 18950. While this build has not been released yet, it would come as another preview version of the Windows 10 20H1 update — the next major Windows set for release next year. The leaker also specifically points out that the “bootux” (the bootable user experience) in this build mentions two ways to reinstall Windows. One method is a “Cloud Download” to download Windows, and a second option is to “Reset Locally,” in the more traditional method with recovery media.

For Windows 10, this new internet recovery feature could mark an interesting way to reinstall the operating system. It’s not entirely clear, but “Cloud Download” in Windows could presumably allow users to “clean install” and get up to date with the latest version of Windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s servers without using any extra tools. That’s something that would otherwise have to be accomplished manually via Microsoft’s Media Creation software.

While it would be new to Windows 10, this feature is relatively similar to what Apple has already accomplished with the “Internet Recovery” option for MacOS. Users of the Apple operating system can reset a MacBook or iMac device with a certain keyboard combination on boot, and then proceed to download and install the version of MacOS that shipped with their device.

If the rumor holds up, this internet recovery option would be one of many new changes coming in the 20H1 update in early 2020. It has already been confirmed that the Windows 10 20H1 update will feature new support for third-party assistants on the lock screen and a redesigned chat-based Cortana. Other changes coming in 20H1 include a slightly redesigned File Explorer with more rounded corners, as well as changes to the Windows Ink Workspace.

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