Microsoft is extending Windows XP support!…in China that is

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Microsoft may have ended its support for Windows XP this week, but the OS will continue to receive patches in China. Microsoft will collaborate with Lenovo and Tencent Holdings in an effort to provide support for Windows XP to Chinese users, according to Reuters.

The vast majority of Chinese PC users, roughly 200 million, or 70 percent, are running Windows XP, according to data from Zhongguancun Online. One of the main issues that keeps PC owners in China from upgrading to a more current OS like Windows 8 could be price. A copy of Windows 8 retails for at least $140, or 888 yuan, in China.

“For domestic users who continue to use Windows XP before upgrading to a new operating system, we have made it a priority to provide safety protections,” Microsoft told Reuters in an email.

In addition to providing updates, Chinese Windows XP users will also benefit from a pair of 24-hour hotlines. Another partner, Qihoo 360 Technology Co, will assist PC users in China with moves to newer versions of Windows, though it’s unclear whether that includes data migration services.

Chinese consumers aren’t the only ones clutching to Windows XP. Banks and governments that have avoided upgrading, now face potential security issues with their networks. The United Kingdom has reached a deal with Redmond, where it will pay roughly 5.6 million British pounds for an extra year of XP support for the computers used by the nation’s government employees.

This poll indicates that more people would rather stick with Windows XP than move onto Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. For those of you who don’t plan on switching to another OS, we suggest you check out our guide to protecting your data on the newly unsupported Windows XP.

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